Woman Dates for Free Dinner on Match.com

Abbie Boudreau meets a woman who has saved $1,200 a month from going on dates.
4:34 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Dates for Free Dinner on Match.com
You are about to meet a woman who found a way to use match dot com to meet her monthly budget now. Like that but her first date free dinner approach did put more money -- your bank account and -- and finally got a little -- out of these guys. -- You can -- what god but because the controversy ABC -- Boudreau joins Los Angeles -- this tale of romance and clients say happy. Hey good morning George can you imagine having two years and spreadsheets. To keep track of all of your online dating. I think it's really -- complicated. Well for one girl she says that's what she did it and it paid off. So yes. 45 year old -- forty launched an online search for love but instead of -- she wound up with something much different. Free dinner truth and lots of them. You were able to save something like 12100 dollars a month -- that true I'm sure you could really calculate that it was approximately how much money but. I never went into smacks dot com providing she chose men with good jobs. They never expected to split the bill. Like his awkward first date -- in the movie kissing -- So obviously the salad but I think as ever call you a little bit more -- your portion at 42% to. Three and doing -- team. How many times a week where you're going out. I would say. An average of four to five times a week -- you're hitting it pretty hard I was in less than a month and a half she winner about thirty dates. And the savings starting at -- New York is really spend said that a lot of these experiences I wouldn't have been able to -- if I hadn't you know been on match dot com and gone through this this is my own sex in the city. She -- all the New York cops but dinner -- may -- And the ever popular -- you know. And not to mention an occasional -- -- Dollar bottle of champagne. -- sometimes even just a cheese burger and milk shake. And -- asked now did anyone ever ask you to split the bill on the first date no he no nobody ever dead had someone sent it to me. I probably would have said okay you know no problem. In -- had I would have probably said. All of that now that's not -- traditional line. You know I think that a man should really pay for the first -- There were still many dates that Jessica's since she used to spread -- system to keep track -- really use these spreadsheets with my friends as a way for us to keep people straight. About one -- she notes. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be attracted. And going out with the many ways so it wasn't like so and so its name and then you cross over and it's like spaghetti and meet all. I'm sure a lot of people would have been very interested in seeing number signs next to everybody's so instead took -- took 500 dollar dinner and so and so it took me to such and such place but now. It really wasn't like that it was just simply for me keep -- demonstrate. But when an article popped up about her online accusing her of concocting a way to -- strangers to cover her monthly food budget. People lashed out of there. Well the men did anyway calling her a gold digger do what she did was obscene this guy right. Some people are just spoiled and entitled people calling you callous. And spoiled it and I -- for all the wrong reasons. And traditional girl and you know -- me I feel like part of dating is. If a guy wants to take me out. What's wrong with him taking me out to -- dinner and me expecting for the -- to be paid. But many women tend to agree with Jessica. Saying they leave their split the meal pork he wants to -- that's lovely. Jessica is now dating a guy she met six months ago and no she didn't -- him online ceases those days are over. But admits her appetite. My boyfriend and I -- like they've got some nice dinners and for the record I do pay a lot does not the first -- now or never the first day in a traditional -- Dating in -- not -- Traditionally. And Georgia just because swears me that she is no gold digger she says she just wanted to have some fun she was -- -- early twenties living in New York City and -- maybe shouldn't find love online but she did get some. And good dinners for a five time when -- overall sound but now that she's found love she's actually suggested the moral of the story against the -- thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Abbie Boudreau meets a woman who has saved $1,200 a month from going on dates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15112192","title":"Woman Dates for Free Dinner on Match.com","url":"/GMA/video/woman-dates-free-dinner-match-15112192"}