Woman Delivers 14-Pound Baby

Meet Kendal and Joshua Stewardson and their big new baby Asher.
4:35 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Woman Delivers 14-Pound Baby
That -- to me that amazing baby boy we've been telling you about actually Stewart's and came up twice the size of most babies and he's going to be here with the -- in the whole family. In just a minute but first a look at the big day less than one week ago. On January 26 Kendall Stewart did something amazing after six hours of labor and only six minutes of pushing she gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy named Asher. Tipping the scales. -- ten pounds. Fourteen pounds that's about the size -- the thanks Turkey much -- Even more amazing Kendall did it all naturally no C section no epidural. An -- isn't the first big baby in the Stewart sent home his Big Brother Judah. Weighed in at a little over twelve pounds when he was born. But there will be no hand me downs for his -- little brother some of Cuba's new more warranties are already too snug -- -- And the whole family joins us now proud parents Kendall and Joshua along with Asher and his older brother -- had a good morning everyone. Casual football team this morning normally mean. Denigrate the fifth birthday candle I have editors tell Robin at the top of the show I told my wife -- this story last night fourteen pound baby. No C section -- -- that girl. How -- do that. I have the best labor -- into our -- look. I guess you aren't coming -- the whole thing and then. They're just really. Blasts that -- and can enable my body to be able to do this wallet and it went very fast it is thanks to six hours is something no -- can complain about -- and then say only six minutes of pushing home. Yes I know he was just -- ready apparently that the and it's easy for me to say only six minutes I wasn't -- It's good -- Yeah well what a lot of it's so important you do this on nationally. Clearly a question time. We had decided -- research all of our options before we had -- just to see. What would happen to me basically when he's about to come out. And we we saw a lot about -- you actually need and there's -- there are a lot of options for women out there but. This seemed like the best -- thing for our family and for. And -- In June and an Asher. I'm so we decided to try to a fight for that because Aaron. The -- are lower my chances of getting C section and apparently if you don't induce -- you don't get the epidural. I'm here your chances decrease significantly. Creating C section and we just want to try to avoid any. And unnecessary. Proceeded I think there's a lot friends and unnecessary -- never told me not to do what's necessary for her standing by for our family bad taste is well a safe estimate sensibly decided -- -- to stick with. And try to fight for that. For us -- our employees gestures or any ever any point when you turn -- please Tony you know -- in such -- expletive with just try something else. Is she she had it under control. I remember I did tell her you know just look at my eyes to relax during the contractions and and with -- and she looked in matters. -- -- falling. At the don't look in my eyes anymore look away look away. She did it before actually sleeping so peacefully right there right now. Is that allegedly -- now. -- -- I don't even know we never been in this week but we hadn't. I don't he's lost any. -- you skipped right over the newborn diapers. Keep pig yes I think so who -- stocking -- on the bigger ones and has -- taken at all he seems pretty happy this morning. He is he's loving every time the answer comes into -- -- he gets all excited and -- thin. Driving wants Alonso and try to -- -- which sometimes is let me clobber you -- -- is being loud and when it's really easy to see mr. Brothers there. -- -- -- -- The so impressive article stolen baby -- Did not been -- your babies are so big you don't have anything. Well we're so happy to meet your whole family this morning actually -- -- to -- -- thanks for sharing your story with us today. -- -- --

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{"id":15478611,"title":"Woman Delivers 14-Pound Baby","duration":"4:35","description":"Meet Kendal and Joshua Stewardson and their big new baby Asher.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-delivers-14-pound-baby-15478611","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}