Woman dragged off Southwest Airlines flight speaks out

Anila Daulatzai is breaking her silence after a video of her being dragged off an aircraft went viral last week.
3:14 | 10/05/17

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Transcript for Woman dragged off Southwest Airlines flight speaks out
Now we're going to go to our exclusive interview with the pregnant passenger who says she was dragged off a southwest flight for saying she may have an allergy reaction to pets on board. ABC's Stephanie Ramos sat down with her to talk about the incident and good morning, Stephanie. Reporter: Michael, good morning. The woman in this viral video says she was humiliated and emotionally scarred when she was kicked off this flight. But the airline says, they just couldn't risk traveling with her. What are you doing? Reporter: This morning the woman in this now viral video speaking out about being violently dragged from a southwest flight last Tuesday. It was so important for me to be in Los Angeles. Reporter:-year-old anila daulatzai says she is two months pregnant and was flying to los Angeles to reach her elderly father who was about to have surgery. When I boarded the plane the first thing I asked the flight attendant was how many dogs will be on the plane. Reporter: Southwest allows them to choose their own seats and daulatzai says she chose a seat far enough away from the animals because she's allergic. At any point did you say I could die if I am near dogs. Never, in fact, I said the absolute opposite. I said it's not life-threatening at all. Reporter: That's when daulatzai says flight attendants and the captain continued to ask her about the allergy. He started by saying I'm uncomfortable with you on the plane. I said, I'm sorry. I'm a primary caretaker for my father. I need to be there and I really ask you to reconsider. Reporter: And that's when she says the Maryland transportation police came on to escort her off the plane. I was calmly explaining that it's not life-threatening over and over again. I even gave options that were just categorically rejected by the captain. So for me it was clear a lack of conflict resolution skills with them. There's something that they just didn't trust me. I was a brown woman with a hoodie. Reporter: Daulatzai says she was subjected to racist and disparaging treatment by officers. She was charged with disorderly conduct, failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order, disturbing the peace, obstructing and hindering a police officer and resisting arrest. Her lawyer says they will take legal action against southwest. We fear that when you Google her, the first thing that's going to come up are these criminal charges which we plan to contest. Reporter: In a statement to ABC news, southwest airlines says they were following their policy. Writing, our reports indicate the customer stated that she had a life-threatening pet allergy, but she was unable to provide the medical certificate necessary to complete travel. Our flight crew made repeated attempts to explain the situation to the customer, however, she refused to deplane and law enforcement became involved. One of the contentious points in this entire situation was this medical certificate that southwest says anila daulatzai was required to have in order to fly with a severe pet allergy. But if you go on the southwest website there is no mention of this required medical certificate, but what they do say is that they'll make sure to seat that person as far away as possible from the animal which is what anila daulatzai says she tried to do from the very beginning. Michael. Thank you, Stephanie.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Anila Daulatzai is breaking her silence after a video of her being dragged off an aircraft went viral last week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50294001","title":"Woman dragged off Southwest Airlines flight speaks out ","url":"/GMA/video/woman-dragged-off-southwest-airlines-flight-speaks-50294001"}