Woman Drops 14 Sizes After Radical Surgery

Holly Matherne's 370-pound frame kept her from running, and off planes.
4:04 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Woman Drops 14 Sizes After Radical Surgery
New treatment in the battle against obesity it is not for every one extreme surgery that removes most of the patient's stomach. But it was the only hope for the woman you're about to meet holly in the full suite 370. Pounds and when she decided to get the operation last year. And that coming joins us now with the remarkable story incredible. Hey good morning -- that's right when I first met holly a year ago she was so morbidly obese that. She could even play with a friend she hadn't flown in a plane and over a decade most he had that surgery -- -- distracted me. And a new -- -- fourteen dress sizes smaller. And not -- -- -- off. For the first time in his long is she can remember 39 year old -- the -- he's excited about shopping. Currency. And she isn't shy about showing off her new purchases businesses. Scenes like to -- -- I like to try on different things different colors things that would have never picked up before. When we first met only last October signs the routed to today. Sons eighteen and still -- And you addiction for -- is replacing old addiction -- -- So flashback to a year ago at 370. Pounds -- -- know she has turned her life around before it's too late. I want to be around I want I want my grandchildren one day -- wanna see my kids get married you know. -- smiles and the economy -- or. -- after years of unsuccessful dieting only has decided only drastic measure sleeve constructive surgery to remove most of her stomach. Permanently doctor David treating each home he's Barry after searching a preacher of the -- distracting gospel. There's no question this is the single best option for patients -- Who who -- just gotten out of control. In less than an -- and with very little blood -- trees cut from the stomach and stapled shut what kind of weight do you expect people could lose -- in the first let's say. Three months it's not unusual for us to see a patient lose. 400 pounds -- six months would also goes in the stomach is removed easy hormone called grown and grown as -- powerful appetite stimulant. And we remove this part of the stomach most of our patients tell us after surgery they're not hungry. Ever sleep hysterectomies he knew work and rare procedure than traditional barrier -- surgery. The long term complications are unknown the short term results however are astonished. I'm Melanie I had my surgery five months ago I had gastric -- and -- lost 83. I don't know CA -- -- -- three and a half months have gone up plus 66. I am the only guy left and -- TP pounds and eleven months. For -- the results are just as striking last December when we checked in it and he might have lost fifty -- Daily exercise and sell ice meals are the key to losing the weight and keeping it off. There's little they can you handle less important surgery actually it is the duty are probably -- -- -- -- -- -- put -- which was 66 -- ticket. -- after he got your. Own -- after one year 130. Pounds go. And there's an even more important milestone. My youngest -- -- today and he hits home in what sector he went flat and hug you and I think this time. Last year those little fingers didn't quite make it around his mother's waist and unity campaign -- like. -- -- Mom I think there's a -- and I went by but strengthen and that great. I spoke to holly get on the phone last night she and her family just got back from Disneyland. They flew there -- -- playing her first time flying in thirteen years. She felt weightless but George Hollis says she still wants to lose another 1687. But I love that high that is so great. So things are going great for holly but there are risks involved in the surgery that's right we don't know the long term complications yet but. People who do it can have infections they -- something called leakage which means that there. New stomach pouch doesn't -- -- entirely not to be pretty dangerous -- that haven't thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Holly Matherne's 370-pound frame kept her from running, and off planes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14872329","title":"Woman Drops 14 Sizes After Radical Surgery","url":"/GMA/video/woman-drops-14-sizes-radical-surgery-14872329"}