Woman Can't Figure out MPH: Couple on Viral Video

Travis and Chelsea Chambers discuss their YouTube video with 3.5 million views.
2:25 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Can't Figure out MPH: Couple on Viral Video
End Travis and Chelsea chambers now good enough to join us. From Logan Utah and oh boy Travis you are gonna have some explaining to do. In -- moments but Chelsea I -- start with you what did you think when you saw this go from just a few hits to a few million albums. I've -- so shocked and then really mad. And then any day kind of got used to that fact but definitely it was like a roller coaster for awhile -- and it. My emotions were pretty intense as. That that the various stages we see them play out Travis and we we need to know my -- What exactly were you thinking when you posted this. -- I'll see you this serious just exhausted and that I was kind of exhausted two just finished our last final my college career -- We we -- just that we pass a mile markers and she said the funniest thing about. You know the -- of how long -- -- and so I just. -- kind of sensibility than he and ask the question. And she started dancing and I just down a -- fastest on this for families can think this -- self -- so it was an affectionate teasing. And it was just so funny to me and we -- candidates and off -- home. There -- -- contents the fair to say one of them the husband is going to be sleeping on the couch because of this. What -- sexually what's what's the state of the marriage right now you do. At first I I was mad I was light how could you do this to me I was pretty upset that. I realize our marriage is deeper than not just -- biggest thing is that I loved him and that. Our relationship is just kind of grown from -- Weaver had their allowed each other and grow closer towards each other again. -- -- what I'm very happy that we've contributed to you know the strengthening. Of the bond is -- Travis I'm gonna give you go to the floor here if you want provided national. Apology to your -- young -- I definitely I do apologize to Chelsea side for the emotional roller coasters but -- -- Hands I'm glad that you are understanding in such a sweet lives. And that we are doing while. All right well let's the sweetest thing we're gonna see all day Travis and tells -- from -- very much appreciate the time this morning thank you think you -- NASA.

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{"id":15985185,"title":"Woman Can't Figure out MPH: Couple on Viral Video","duration":"2:25","description":"Travis and Chelsea Chambers discuss their YouTube video with 3.5 million views.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-figure-real-meaning-mph-couple-viral-video-15985185","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}