Woman found dead after Tinder date

Sydney Loofe, 24, was getting ready for a second date with Bailey Boswell, 23, when she vanished and Nebraska police have named Boswell and her roommate Aubrey Trail, 51, as persons of interest.
5:21 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Woman found dead after Tinder date
Now there that dating at mystery police finding a body they believed to be a young woman who went missing after a tender date may mean now two people. Our emphasis is such a tragic and sad story one of the two people who are now in police custody is the young woman who met Sydney on Tinder the other woman. The other is that woman's roommate in much older man who prosecutors call a habitual criminal. The last time family and friends saw a 24 year old Sydney Louvre was in this snapped chat as she was preparing for a second date with the woman she met on tender just like so many others the popular dating app leading to one million date so weak move seen smiling in the photo on November 15 writing ready for my date before vanishing. Now her date 23 year old Billy Boswell and 51 year old Aubrey trail being called purses it interest by Nebraska police. I their own statements. On social media we believe that Autry trail and Bailey Boswell were two of the last people who have known to bend with Sidney. Prior to hurt disappear. It's the search for aloof beginning when she missed a shift at the home improvement store where she worked. Her worried family pleading for help. Someone knows something. Please please do the right thing. Thank you. Police in the FBI beginning their search combing through digital evidence and looking for Boswell and trail who allegedly left town after Sydney's disappearance. We spent the last few days or ourselves. And crew. Acres. Or Saturday. The two posting this now deleted video to social media this we Vera. Buckles saying in the video that she drop Sydney off after their date. Yes minotaur rocket French island sound. A bit so I get from an undercurrent I mean I haven't heard from angst. That they are now in police custody reportedly being held on a federal person of interest warrant in the disappearance of live and Tuesday twenty days after she vanished. Digital clues leading authorities to what they believed to beat loose body we do believe that there is. Evidence of foul play Sydney lose family reacting to the news on FaceBook saying may god grant eternal rest unto. Her friends telling us she was careful when using the dating app shoe shines. Out of step picture at the person that she was going on a date went. Should let us know whether I was gonna be at her house there house and public. And sounds like she did everything right now according to the Pew Research Center 15% of American adults have used an online dating site. Or a mobile dating happen a spokesperson for tender. Issued this statement in regards to Sydney live. We are deeply saddened by this horrific tragedy our thoughts and prayers are with the victim Stanley and loved ones and we are fully cooperating with law enforcement in this investigation. Lamy let's bring in Dan Abrams and Callahan Walsh of the national center of missing and exploited children to talk a bit more about this and we heard any reports police say they suspect. Foul play those two people in custody haven't been charged what do you think of the key pieces of evidence here. Yet they're being held on on other outstanding warrants looked it seems to two. Then you've got her phone and that's how they were able to find the body but it also apparently links it back to the home. Of the two suspects here. What's so fascinating is this video. That they have put out. Denying it they're basically going after the media they're going after the police there admitting that they committed crimes in the past but they're saying again and again and again. We didn't do this we were responsible does that video affect the investigation well look it's certainly going to be evidence anything you say can and will be used against duke then so that can be used against them in the context of this I think that that video while they're trying to save this proves we didn't do it this proves have been trying to help be helpful to the police. On is part of the reason. That they have gone after them and they I don't think they help themselves it all worth the end of the video they flip off the the police. So that doesn't know that never know let's bring in Callahan in the discussion here and because he we know that you primarily work. With children but when it comes to Callahan online safety saying safe being online you say the rules are pretty similar here. That they are you know we we tell kids all the time of the number one rule is you don't meet somebody out in the real world that you've only met on line. And yet for some reason we think that once we've become adults were immune to that. And we're not you know these cases are rare the social media and and and dating sites don't want this happening to their users but we need to stay hyper vigilant when using these types of dating services and Calvin Callahan what about the company's behind these apps and these web sites what are they doing to try and make sure. The people who are using them Stacy. Well the major ones are are really try to do all the right things again they don't want this happening to their users and so they do reach out they they reach out to us at the national Senna where on the trust and safety council of of many of these these sites in and help them create and craft policy to make sure that users are safe on these platforms. But again you know think it said these are rare cases but they do happen and ribbon to suspect here is admitting she was not a date with her but saying. It wasn't me to say it has nothing to do with the date at all but I dropped her off at a friend's house and that's the last I saw her so who this is and watching the videos of how these two just bizarre. It is it is Callahan think you.

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{"id":51641317,"title":"Woman found dead after Tinder date","duration":"5:21","description":"Sydney Loofe, 24, was getting ready for a second date with Bailey Boswell, 23, when she vanished and Nebraska police have named Boswell and her roommate Aubrey Trail, 51, as persons of interest.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-found-dead-tinder-date-fbi-claims-foul-51641317","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}