Woman speaks out after receiving $4K in airline vouchers

Tracy Smith, of Georgia, said "it was like a live auction on the plane," when Delta Air Lines staff began asking for someone to give up their seat on an overbooked flight.
3:20 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Woman speaks out after receiving $4K in airline vouchers
We are back with our big board and the mom who scored big when an airline overing booed her flight. Desperate to make room on board so offered thousands of dollars for a seat and this mom held out until the price was right. That price, $4,000 in vouchers, let's just say that but she's telling "Gma" all about it and T.J. Holmes has the story. If you travel, everybody knows you been at the gate an hear that announcement we're looking for three volunteers to give up their seat and we'll give you $300 voucher and what do we all do turn our head, start doing this but that's for a few hundred dollars. What if they offered you four grand. I'm sitting. An airline passenger is thousands of dollars richer after agreeing to give up her seat on an oversold flight packed with college football fans all desperate to get to Saturday's georgia/notre dame game. Delta conducted an auction on board hoping to convince enough people to give up their seats so the plane could take off. It was like a live auction on the plane. Everybody was rowdy, laughing, everybody is looking at each other like are you going to take it? Reporter: Passenger Tracy Smith traveling to the game with her husband and son said the bidding started high. They started at 1500 and 2,000. Then 2200. 2500. Finally the bidding got up to 3,000. Reporter: The sports director from our Atlanta affiliate wsv was on the plane too and live tweeted as the offers kept going up and up without any takers until -- I looked over at my husband, I said I really think that if they get to 4,000 I'm going to get off this plane. They came back at 4,000 I mean without a flinch I pressed the flight attendant button. Reporter: Her happy seat replacement was this crazed football fan. It was really quite funny. He goes, how much did they give you for my seat. I said 4,000. He goes, oh, my god, I would have taken that. Reporter: Smith was able to get on another flight and meet up with her family in South Bend eight hours later and with $4,000 in travel vouchers in her pocket. Okay, her husband is the one who is a notre dame guy so she's not even the football fan. She's like fine, knock yourselves out. They lost the game. They did lose but she ended up getting another flight later. She knew her audience. She knew those people wanted to get to the game. These are Georgia fans. Which plays in the S.E.C. Which is some of the craziest fans on the planet me included. There's no way these people have been planning this trip for a year paid tons of money for their FBIs and were not getting off. That's robach, a Georgia fan. Making them overbook flights. Money. It's all about money. If they sell -- if they have empty seats on those flights they lose money. They know a certain amount of people are going to cancel so they're playing a numbers game. How do we balance it out to have enough people on. It's a numbers game and sometimes they got to pay big. I cannot remember the last time I was on a flight and there were any empty seats. Always packed. Always packed. Always ask for volunteers and it scares us all. A tip, check in early, that will help your chance, don't be one of the last people at the gate to check in. That will -- $4,000 I'm missing the game. You're missing the game. Thank you, T.J. Coming up a royal scare. A woman under arrest accused of

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{"id":49841385,"title":"Woman speaks out after receiving $4K in airline vouchers","duration":"3:20","description":"Tracy Smith, of Georgia, said \"it was like a live auction on the plane,\" when Delta Air Lines staff began asking for someone to give up their seat on an overbooked flight.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-speaks-receiving-4k-airline-vouchers-49841385","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}