Woman Stuck in Airport for 8 Days

Terri Weissinger was stranded after she couldn't pay the baggage fees.
2:28 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Woman Stuck in Airport for 8 Days
Out to something else I do not understand at all a travel snafus that I defy you to match we've all been struck. We've all been stuck I should say at the airport that but this is story about a woman who -- that for eight days. Let me say that again eight days that weather was fine there were no mechanical problems. So what tractor. Baggage fees here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Unfortunately getting stuck in the airport isn't unusual lots of us slept on those uncomfortable seats -- on the floor. But how about eat these of that you -- not. Enter through those stores through a not to leave this building. Tom Hanks character lived at the airport in the movie that terminal America -- but Terry -- singer did it in real life. I didn't have any grounds to know. For over a week she lived inside San Francisco International Airport caught -- -- perfect storm of airline fees. I had thirty dollars total let -- have credit cards or anything else that was sent. She was relocating from California to Idaho and arrived at the air -- -- bags and her last thirty -- Here's the trouble began -- soon learned it would cost 25 dollars to check -- first bag. In 35 for the second. She couldn't pay the full amount missed her flight because of it and then ran smack into more fees 150 dollars to change ticket. Plus an additional 1000. Dollars to -- -- new life. With nowhere to turn she stay. In state. She got -- -- airport staff by need. Wandered the -- seamlessly and was nearly arrested for big currency. She eventually visited the on site medical clinic for anxiety before coming across this airport church and -- generous parishioners who helped pave her way. US air ultimately dropped and yet so she only needed sixty dollars from charity. US air says they're not proud of Terry -- the ordeal but they want to make it right. Person formats would like to apologize to -- -- -- And we are fully prepared to offer her refund and in addition we'd like to refund the church funds that were used and highly compensated for when I went through. Too bad you can't earn frequent flier miles for time spent waiting. Good Morning America Neal Karlinsky ABC news San Francisco. Now we should say the airline says they're -- fees are transparent and appropriate -- they weren't aware of the special circumstances and would have made an exception -- -- -- case.

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{"id":14887458,"title":"Woman Stuck in Airport for 8 Days","duration":"2:28","description":"Terri Weissinger was stranded after she couldn't pay the baggage fees.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-stuck-airport-days-14887458","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}