Woman who was sued after accusing director of rape speaks out

Melanie Kohler, who accused Brett Ratner of rape, told ABC News she is sharing her story because she wants "women to have the courage to speak out."
6:09 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Woman who was sued after accusing director of rape speaks out
Right now we'll get to our exclusive interview with the woman facing a lawsuit from Hollywood director Brett Ratner after she accused him of rape. Melanie Kohler's Facebook post drew that from Ratner but she is not backing down. Melanie Kohler is taking on the Hollywood heavyweight behind blockbusters like "Rush hour" and "X-men: The last stand" and in an "L.A. Times" article he was also accused of it by six other women including Olivia Munn and Natasha henstridge. Earlier, kohlerer posted her own allegations on Facebook. I guess this all started with a Facebook post you wrote last month a few weeks back where you said I'll read from it, Brett Ratner raped me. A famous director and producer in Hollywood. Brett Ratner raped me. I'm saying his name. You wrote that. I did write that. You tan by it. I stand by it. Shortly after that you actually took the post down. Explain why that happened. So I posted on Facebook and was just starting to feel healing about it all and an hour and a half after I posted it my cell phone rang. That's Marty singer. That's Marty singer. Brett Ratner's attorney. Yes. He said he had seen my Facebook post and that if I didn't take it down immediately he had authorization from Brett Ratner to sue me immediately. For? For defamation. And I was scared and shocked. Reporter: At the time Melanie was living in L.A. Working in marketing. In her post she says she met Ratner in a club. You first wrote in the Facebook post that it happened in 2004/2005. You believe it might have been a couple of years later. I'm -- I just want to -- I'm acting here as lawyer to Melanie and Melanie, because you've been sued for this I want you to be careful. We don't want to do anything -- I want to get some of this -- as you can understand on the record you said you never told anyone before, but now you believe you actually did tell someone. Yes. At the time. Since this has become such a big deal and so much news is going on about it, my best friend at the time did recall a conversation that we had. At the time you were angry, surprised. But didn't tell anyone, perhaps that one friend. Didn't go to the police. Why not? I think it's different for anyone who goes through anything like this but it's so embarrassing. It's so humiliating. It's not something that you ever want to relive again and it just felt like there was nothing that I could do. I didn't think that police could help me. I didn't know if anyone would be willing to up against someone so powerful and it just was easier for me to not relive it. We've seen these stories come out in the last month or so. Now it motivated you to tell your story. Yeah. You know, a lot of people have asked why now and it's because I can't get through the day without being reminded of it. It's everywhere. Everyone is talking about it. I am so impressed and I have so much respect for these women who are coming forward and sharing these humiliating things that happened to them. It's not something you ever want to tell anybody. It makes people look at you differently. You don't want people to know these things and at least that's the way it has been. I hope the culture is changing. You're here because of the lawsuit. I'm here because of the lawsuit which I actually really don't think, George, is a lawsuit about Melanie, frankly. I think the lawsuit was filed by Mr. Singer and by Brett Ratner to send a message to other women to try to stop exactly what you heard Melanie talk about, to stop other women from speaking and I think we're here to send a very strong message that it's not going to stop Melanie from speaking. And it's not going to stop other women from speaking since the articles originally came out I think 45 women have come according to the "L.A. Times" have come out since then to tell stories involving Mr. Ratner and the truth should come out. If it comes to that you're willing to tell your story in court. In yes. It can get tough cross-examination. I know and I -- after the initial phone call I wanted to curl up in a ball again and I felt like I was scared and bullied but if I have to risk my life and what I've worked so hard for in my life in order to be the voice that helps other women come forward, then I am prepared to do that. I'm not a lawyer, you are, Robby. But I've been scratching my head ever since I read about this case. Wondering why anybody knowing that potentially you can call, what, three dozen witnesses. We intend to. At least three dozen witnesses. So will this really go to court. You know, that's up to Mr. Singer, Mr. Ratner, but if it does we are prepared. We have the resources to fight back. I've done this before in my career and I will do it again. What do you hope comes of all this? I just want women to feel comfortable talking about stuff like this. It's scary. Especially when the person that you're scared of is more powerful than you, has more money than you, when everything feels like it's stacked against you I want women to have the courage to speak out anyway because there will be people that can help them. You know, looks like this fight is just begin. We heard from Brett Ratner's lawyer Marty singer overnight. He said Ratner vehemently denies the outrageous derogatory allegations that have been reported about him. And we are confident that his name will be cleared once the current media frenzy dies down and people can objectively evaluate the nature of these claims. He goes on to say for this case specifically and responding to the lawyer here, it is nonsense the deaf father nation lawsuit filed against Ms. Koehler is a tack tig of trying toilence women. No such thing is occurring. She's not the only one accusing him of things like this and what she said about hoping that the culture is changing because the fear, the fear that many men and women who go through this. The fear and shame as she explained of not wanting to come forward because of that feeling and that appears to be changing. Hopefully so.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Melanie Kohler, who accused Brett Ratner of rape, told ABC News she is sharing her story because she wants \"women to have the courage to speak out.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51009598","title":"Woman who was sued after accusing director of rape speaks out","url":"/GMA/video/woman-sued-accusing-director-rape-speaks-51009598"}