Woman Buried Alive, Digs Self Out with Ring

The British woman takes the stand to describe the horrific ordeal.
1:30 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Buried Alive, Digs Self Out with Ring
One woman's horrifying ordeal making headlines around the world this morning a British woman says she was buried alive by her fiance. Now seven months later she's taking the stand in court describing the remarkable way that she crawled out alive. ABC's Kelly Kobe area has the latest from London. Mitchell -- live and Alaska and her fiancee lived in this house with their young son and it was here she told the jury that her nightmare began. Taser twice by her fiance who she claims wanted her dead willing to ask -- testified in court behind a screen. I was trying to push him away with a taser he knelt down he pressed my ribs with his knee and continue to use the teaser. She says her fiance is friend helped him put her in a cardboard box tape it up carry her down the stairs and into the trunk of a car. She was buried alive at the top of this -- her feet taped together. But she had a secret weapon the engagement ring her fiance gave her she used it to cut the tape and scratch her way out. I started to terror the box apart it was focusing on the opening I had just made soil was getting -- my face was getting dirty. Could see some black sky and leaves I was so exhausted. The -- house get freed herself and flagged down a car. The prosecution is arguing that her fiance was bored with her and wanted to start a new life his defense. She was only trying to scare her Josh. Cali Colombia in London thank you for that.

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{"duration":"1:30","description":"The British woman takes the stand to describe the horrific ordeal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15112056","title":"Woman Buried Alive, Digs Self Out with Ring","url":"/GMA/video/woman-survives-buried-alive-digs-engagement-ring-15112056"}