'Not the Smartest' Criminals' Shopping Spree

Two California women are accused of jet-set spree with forged 285,000 check.
2:44 | 12/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Not the Smartest' Criminals' Shopping Spree
Two California roommates accused right now a forging an almost 300000. Dollar check. And going on a high flying shopping spree chartering a private jet to New York City. Even putting a deposit -- -- house before being caught by police ABC's Deborah Wright has their story. Like a real life Thelma and Louise. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An Orange County school teacher and a paralegal allegedly went on a cross country outlaw adventure this is definitely a case for the record books roommates Alexa po Lar and Robin cabello are accused of stealing nearly 300000. Dollars for a wild weekend in New York City. A second grade teacher paralegal. Can -- this. Very sizable check and -- -- -- osprey and ten minute just just having a great time so for some of -- Police say the women stole a 20000 dollar check from a Newport Beach law firm changed the amount to 285000. And deposited it into a joint bank account that's not. Usually the smartest thing to do if you're gonna try -- get away with this police say they chartered a private jet and invited five friends to New York City. This picture taken just before take off and posted publicly on -- to -- FaceBook account. -- now exhibit a in the case against them the caption reads -- and in style. According to police they took five rooms at the -- on Broadway. Bought presents at Tiffany's and mall block even put a deposit -- 111000. Square foot house worth three point seven million dollars. To try and purchase a house. Out of some stolen money is. Again not the smartest thing. Be tracked very easily authorities say the bank caught up with them while they were still in New York. Freezing their joint account and forcing them to fly back coach if it's a plan there was a report we've -- one. We reached out to their attorneys who declined comment. According to police their defense is that some guy on Craig's list hired them to do it documentary on Occupy Wall Street. The teacher Robin from fellow does have one film -- -- credit. Video made for school. Our schools running out of money -- and -- are now face felony charges of forgery grand theft and embezzlement. A maximum six years in prison. But for one weekend -- allegedly. Partied like rock stars for Good Morning America David Wright ABC news Los Angeles. The sergeant expression set at all like him up the smartest to -- can't find.

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{"id":15152181,"title":"'Not the Smartest' Criminals' Shopping Spree","duration":"2:44","description":"Two California women are accused of jet-set spree with forged 285,000 check.","url":"/GMA/video/women-allegedly-forged-285k-check-ny-shopping-spree-private-jet-15152181","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}