The Women of 'Mistresses' Return for New Season

Show's stars join "GMA" to discuss their characters' scandalous lives as sassy girlfriends.
4:50 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for The Women of 'Mistresses' Return for New Season
Ah, little selfie from the cast of "Mistresses." So happy to have them live. That show is back for a second season portraying the scandalous lives of four sexy sassy girlfriends on the road to self-discovery. A clip from the brand-new season me mere. Okay, guy, I'm going to say this quickly otherwise I'll cry. Please don't cry. If you cry I will cry and April will totally fall apart. It's true, I will. I'll probably be okay. I'm more of a cry on the inside kind of person. So good. So sassy. And we're joined by all four of the show's stars, Alyssa Milano, yoon-jin Kim, Rochelle Aytes and jem macallan. A lot of people want to know on social media and of course right upstairs with our producers what can we expect? Any hints on what the mistresses are up to. Lots of changes, personal changes, we get to see a super sexy side of this one. Oh. Yes. This one spirals out of control. I don't take off any clothes this year. She's the nun of the season. I'm disappointed you take off no clothes. It's sad, isn't it. A sad thing when I don't get to take off clothes. A horrible thing to say. You get to see -- Sav vi I go bananas. How is it to go bananas, go over the top. It's a fun job. The icing on the cake is we giggle a lot. I mean, I think you can see from this morning. They don't allow us to be in more than one scene together per episode because all we do is giggle. We giggle and -- Right. So it takes about six hours for us to -- Trending. Right. What does that mean? We were talking before we came back on the air about sort of the cam factor. It's downright soapy. So is there a different way that you signal a scene is coming or is there a different type of acting or an eyebrow raise you do when you're doing this campy -- Jason George does an eyebrow raise pretty good. Is there? Yeah. Do you have any signature moves you brought to Savi? My signature move is to under play the camp factor as much as possible so it's not like too over the top. But, you know, I mean every once in a while you can't help -- it's kind of like the dream job. You get to go and be as over the top as you want, be in cute clothes. Hot guys, and be together with three amazing women. Like the trifecta. It really is. And I think that too I mean it's funny but there's so much drama going on in the show that it's important to find those moments of laughter and silliness to Mac all of that because it's too much. It would be too much at a time. So dramatic especially. Mine, I'm always the dramatic one. We laugh at each other. Yes. She can do one eye at a time. I've seen her do it. Which side? Totally kidding. Do it right now. No. Three seconds. No, but my character this season, a lot lighter. I have much more funny line, last year I was so dark and gray. So, you know, you see a whole different side of Karen. We're seeing a whole different side of Alyssa, too. Congratulations. Thank you very much. You just revealed you're having a little girl this time. I have a boy who is 3 by the time she's born and this little girl and I'm so excited to meet her. I'm getting to that place now where, you know, I daydream about what she's going to look like and awe of that fun stuff. Feeling great. I feel great. You look great. Thank you. We do like a wah, wah dance. Rub the belly. Good luck. Yeah. Let me ask you just one real quick question from our Twitter followers. Rochelle, Nike on Twitter asks who is the funniest on the set? Oh, who is the funniest? You? Me. I don't know. I think I -- only because before they roll action, I burp a lot. Yes. She burps for sure. It cracks people up. She's like, hold on. Every scene when you psych yourself in. Yes. For a scene. I have to go into the moment before and I have to talk to you guys because this is where we just came from. I love it. I love it. Doesn't bother us any more. I just say god bless you and move on. Bless you. We love it. You can see the chemistry is totally real and you can watch the season two premiere of "Mistresses" that airs tonight 10:009:00 central on ABC, lady,

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{"id":23955073,"title":"The Women of 'Mistresses' Return for New Season","duration":"4:50","description":"Show's stars join \"GMA\" to discuss their characters' scandalous lives as sassy girlfriends.","url":"/GMA/video/women-mistresses-return-season-23955073","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}