Women on Train Tracks Narrowly Escape Getting Hit

Hair-raising video catches two women getting out of the way of an oncoming freight train.
2:27 | 07/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Women on Train Tracks Narrowly Escape Getting Hit
George, we turn now to this incredible near-miss caught on tape. Hair-raising video capturing the horrifying moment that two women realize a freight train is coming right at them. ABC's linsey Davis is here with the story. Linsey, this is terrifying to watch. Yeah, what a close call, good morning to you, Lara. What made this so horrifying is that these women who we now foe are in their 30s just happened to be on the bridge portion of the track at the time the train started bearing down on them and they quickly realized they could not outrun the train. Get off! Go back. Reporter: Watch as this heart-pounding scene from "Stand by me" plays out in real life on an Indiana railroad. A 14,000 ton freight train hoisted above a lake traveling 25 miles per hour along a narrow bridge when suddenly the engineer spots two women directly in its path. You can hear him apply the brake right here. But the train keeps going. When you have a train that heavy, it took the train only running 25 miles an hour about 1500 feet to come to a stop. Reporter: Both women begin to run but realizing they can't outrun the 100-car coal train they make a split-second life or death decision. The woman in yellow quickly lying down in the middle of the track. The one tripping nearly falling off the side but leaping back on to the track hitting the deck. At which point in time the train ran over them and then came to a complete stop about maybe 20 seconds later or so. The engineer thought he had killed two people. Reporter: But miraculously the women survived by being as flush with the tracks as possible. There's a space of about ten inches between the bottom of the train and the track. Even if a locomotive clears you like it did these two people, you could still get killed by something else underneath the train. Reporter: The conductor says when he called out to the women they said they were fine aside from a stubbed toe. These women very fortunate to be alive. But now they're in trouble after fleeing the scene both women are likely facing charges for criminal trespassing. Oh, my goodness. So luck? I don't think I would have made that choice. So counterintuitive to go right where the train is. I think I would have jumped off the bridge if they made the smart call. I love how we're talking about it as if we would be in that situation. Next time I -- My heart is racing.

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{"id":24769290,"title":"Women on Train Tracks Narrowly Escape Getting Hit","duration":"2:27","description":"Hair-raising video catches two women getting out of the way of an oncoming freight train.","url":"/GMA/video/women-train-tracks-narrowly-escape-hit-24769290","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}