'GMA' Deals and Steals: Women's Spring Fashion

Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on items to brighten your spring wardrobe.
4:37 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Women's Spring Fashion
Listen up and are doing and Tory Johnson is here in the high desert springs and -- -- -- what's going to stay down stay down. Every -- -- yeah yeah. Forecasted I don't make it -- hey allegedly illegal -- if you. Apparently all cards are starting Mary art -- just starting with just activities are now on the deals will be on Good Morning America dot com I'm not like everything while supplies last you -- act that today and you don't know about all business right united baby OK some -- gonna start off with his brand new collection from the -- it. It's called outlook -- election and it's considerably more plus size women -- there's an amazing assortment of staff really beautiful ballpark franks. -- says yeah. Apple as well I'll get some Sam and am -- vote of approval on the night and Paramount home. You're gonna get ahead of its arms around them. You're gonna a lot of -- isn't even our. A perfect -- -- regularly. I'm -- sick I want lucky bright -- listen regularly so why is seven to eighty dollars for cutting it in half. -- start -- thirteen fifty online only you. Isn't nearly now love -- -- That's I'm you know they -- that Alexander Alexander back. She's his amazing -- designer look at that pulled out because look long and explain our segment styled -- -- really really really beautiful. -- -- today very light weights and make -- actually these are priced at 58 dollars however you're going to stay 60%. -- -- -- -- -- -- Really I support this court decides to check up when he had done for that you think you recognize those initial. That's -- good as heroes design and you can choose your strong arm and lower your -- so if you wanna do -- -- and Porter on her own necklace 23 times that are on and a listen whatever you wanna do you can mix and match. Gold silver charm really beautiful heavy body if you're Smart -- he'll do -- today and think yeah dad she he has literally 39 to 59 dollar -- stage. Between fifty and 74% -- this -- to ten dollars in the terms of 2950. You can't beat that really that -- -- Integrate these are all really wonderful Mother's Day -- fast I'm not -- or anything. That's now that haven't had it's -- is ever. Everyone in every skies and -- ridiculous letter is perfect -- transition to spring we can -- -- -- today everyone out here is kind of grabbed his mind. I'm available in eight different colors and you can get this if you go to -- -- Talbots stores and -- Good Morning America. Or you can get it with a link underwent they -- buy it online -- Ray killer Lee 8950. Slashed in half to forty backs. Different mountain and see exactly how about a great start these cards are gorgeous to look at business is -- -- really beautiful silk Chinese authorities are like time. Thoughts surrounding had a huge assortment of stars -- sport and -- -- not gotten back. Yeah yeah. Sam don't -- haven't gotten. Yeah. These regularly range from nineteen dollars to seventy dollars. This one right -- yeah nine -- when -- Idea another -- is chilly spring dancing chanting down -- and but not least -- It's fast it's only he's bringing me back everything you Matt and these are brand new colors gold and silver on the web -- even a few -- -- -- -- Have Sam on a day after it regularly and -- he didn't raise fares range from 89 to 130. Slashing half starting at just forty or fifty question that free shipping and other civilians and some of the. Okay. Not sitting here today -- -- in Canada are absolutely. Let's remind everybody authorities skills you need to go to our website Good Morning America dot com. Why Leon do Mary Maloney -- their bonus deals and a real vote -- seems imminent Hanson's guards Sam gives the -- -- Godzilla the teen model where the.

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{"id":15927041,"title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Women's Spring Fashion","duration":"4:37","description":"Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on items to brighten your spring wardrobe.","url":"/GMA/video/womens-spring-fashion-gma-deals-steals-15927041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}