Who Won at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?

ABC News' Chris Connelly shares who won big at the SAG Awards this year and what it means for the Oscars.
3:08 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Who Won at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?
actors guild awards. It was a night paving the way to the oscars and shaking up the race. ABC's Chris Connelly went one-on-one with the winners and joins us from L.A. Good morning to you, Chris. Early morning. Good morning, Lara. It is, indeed. As you previously saw the S.A.G. Awards featured plenty of political commentary and the element of surprise starting with best potion picture cast and taraji P. Henson seizing the moment. "Hidden figures." Reporter: Whoa. With that, Sunday night's S.A.G. Awards altered the orbit of the Oscar best picture race as its three exuberant stars achieved liftoff. The shoulders of the women that we stand on are three American heroes. Reporter: More surprises, oh, yeah. Denzel Washington. "Fences." Reporter: Turned out even he had expected to hear Casey Affleck's name. It was a shock. It really was a shock. My wife screamed in my ear so on my way up there it was like MMMM. Reporter: Afterwards a chance to look back paying tribute to the late August Wilson, the writer of "Fences." Once of the people you looked up to is August Wilson. If you said a word wrong when he was in the audience he'd come right down. Thank goodness he wasn't there when we did the movie. I did some ad-libbing. Reporter: Also unexpected in a best female actor category different from the academy's Emma stone earned "La la land's" only award of the evening. Tell your mom you won this yet. She texted me and said she was very surprised. I was like, me too, mom. Me too. Reporter: In the supporting categories Oscar favorite Viola Davis won for "Fences" as did "Moonlight's" mahershala Ali and since he's also in the cast of "Hidden figures," the acclaimed 42-year-old a two-statue winner on the night. Is it good it's happening for you at this stage of your life as opposed to having happened 10 or 15 years ago. Absolutely. I believe you only get what you can handle and now knowing what all this entails, I may have had a difficult time handling that ten years ago. Reporter: And after her S.A.G. Win Sarah Paulson's portrayal of Marcia Clark in "The people V. O.J. Simpson" now among the decade's most acclaimed TV work. I can't think of its rival. How does that make you feel as an actor who has worked for a long time. It makes me want to try. Honestly. I'm still a girl from Tampa, Florida, who wanted to be an actress. Where will you put this gentleman here. In my bed very close to me for a couple of days. Reporter: Other inwerst included "Stranger things" and "Orange is the new black" and lifetime achievement award recipient lily Tomlin. It's on like donkey Kong in best picture for the oscars so "Hidden figures" winning from the S.A.G. Award, remember, they chose "Spotlight" like the oscars did but the producers guild picked "La la land" on Saturday so away we go, guys. Away we go, indeed. Wow. Those are my two favorite movies of the year, "La la land" and "Hidden figures." I love that it's on like donkey Kong. Chris Connelly bringing it

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"ABC News' Chris Connelly shares who won big at the SAG Awards this year and what it means for the Oscars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45131341","title":"Who Won at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?","url":"/GMA/video/won-screen-actors-guild-awards-45131341"}