'Workaholics': Stars of Hit Comedy on their 'Work'

Blake Anderson and Anders Holm dish on dream jobs, Paula Abdul and wild dads.
6:45 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for 'Workaholics': Stars of Hit Comedy on their 'Work'
Workaholics is a runaway hit on Comedy Central show follows a group -- college grads as they work and play. Mostly -- at a telemarketing -- to of the show's creators and stars are here actually -- Blake Anderson and on his home hey guys. Excellence. I'm not so congratulations first do you just sort of pinch yourself that the show -- -- second season just got renewed for a third. Now there's a lot of pension against each other I mean that -- -- is a game we play. Real life work experiences. Mom. There's a lot of like truth and -- -- -- that we do but you know we kind of just expand on a lot of the subjects we we aren't. That crazy and realize -- -- got angry when we get we get weird but. You know you -- juice it up for television. So is this sort of that's fantasy of what we wish work would be -- -- If things really went haywire this is what would actually happen. Yeah I think it's we're definitely. -- some ground -- from what people should be doing in the office yeah. There's there's there's no reason you shouldn't be doing what we're doing on TV as long as it's not getting you fired no reason at all and -- not hurting other people. So there's a difference my hurt other people but I would assume some of the antics could definitely get you fired. That's not our problem then you gotta be you gotta be careful personal responsibility right it's up to every -- -- any sort of deal with it themselves. Yes yes a -- -- so. We know that your characters are are definitely slackers you -- pretty hard and less practical jokes but. Personally you both an incredibly successful in your Yeltsin -- how do you reconcile the -- trail of the characters. With your own work ethic. Well not you know it's -- get things to do as we are still. Losers slackers -- and realized got lucky. Yeah yeah yeah it was it was a bit of luck that we're here with -- today. RA I mean like imagine me. Getting the job you've always wanted. So it. Doesn't that solid work like -- like doing this it's not that hard to sit around telling jokes and breaking stories. I mean there's some long days and like when you start shooting -- twelve to fifteen hour days or whenever. And might that -- training but -- We're still just clown around with -- whole meets. The best -- Exactly that it's not that bad right it's not bad at all -- jobs Friday the exactly ten now dream job. The -- exactly I would say it's a dream -- so is it is it and Jimmy -- doing -- shower -- How do you aren't like Blake had learned to do that strip -- scene that you have you in your -- police officer uniform where did you get the inspiration to learn how to deal back. Why grew up watching a lot of MTV so I'm pretty sure Paula Abdul are Janet Jackson had something to do that you know use Danny Ingram asked my son soon. That yes I definitely saw -- exactly what. I hear from viewers so did you do you think. Personally I dentist I would show or they just sort of loving humor and all of it in kind of living vicariously. Through the characters in terms of like trash -- and -- -- fabulous in the Yeltsin behave like is that war. Yeah we get votes like people who -- like a funniest show law on TV and I'm quoting someone -- and that. And then -- get people who were like an effort and I am I -- you enter. -- that's just my mom out but we get people who are like words you'd understand -- you. And -- like what what are you doing that often don't get fired -- -- -- our thing again. Yeah and I think is a pretty universal saying like nowadays -- You know you have that jobs straight out of college and you know you're not gonna have for the rest are realized or at least you're hoping you're not gonna have the -- your -- -- you you clown around that work can now you know I gotta stay entertain otherwise it -- drive -- insane. Yeah exactly especially with that long road ahead of you so is eight -- generational thing and would we find humor or could you guys find. Humor with a -- -- a boomers version of workaholics. Beaten. I don't know class -- boomers language to be honest. I just don't. Boomer Esiason. Does that refresh -- and a half old quarterback I remember back. I mean like the guys -- dish out arts aren't sorry for you I don't I don't mean you guys like me -- like yeah ups and I'm. I'm looking into the camera the boomers that are watching -- -- -- -- boomers. OK it better watch out take take bone. Yeah visit our -- boomers yeah. I would imagine that there piece of your audience to know that it's not just the young folks and I talked about the show in my office and when it's my house -- -- -- every Minnelli as watch this you know this and that every went from someone who is. 22 to sixty say yes and started telling you some of their favorite -- of the show I thought I was in trouble. Get the heck out of here I mean I would love nothing more than a find out that our main demographic is Grandpa's -- love gram positive huge supporter of their style and the way in this thing. And bring that accosted by a few wild dads you have every -- But why -- -- when a larger sure when we're like. Our ass and stop bear -- we definitely got run -- on it in like some concerts situations where guys are like. Look like our dad's like I just told dollar and somebody inland wallow cool dad. But you guys -- I guess. We're we're pro -- pro boomers. -- they got infected they given the big sums up at -- face you guys we -- we hope he'll live come back anytime -- -- on the talks. Yeah this parks Gosselin is -- picnic -- we're going to be out there in the sky scraper yes. -- -- you know we're here is there and say it's not windy day in your hair's not -- away it's good it's it's very ominous act very -- Kong right. Well season one of workaholics say is now on dvd and you can catch all -- episodes of workaholic Tuesdays on Comedy Central.

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{"id":14828016,"title":"'Workaholics': Stars of Hit Comedy on their 'Work'","duration":"6:45","description":"Blake Anderson and Anders Holm dish on dream jobs, Paula Abdul and wild dads.","url":"/GMA/video/workaholics-stars-hit-comedy-work-14828016","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}