Workers Win Big Lottery Pool Again

Office group claims to have surefire method to how they pick their numbers.
2:46 | 01/08/12

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Transcript for Workers Win Big Lottery Pool Again
I think most of -- would be happy to win the lottery -- but there is a grouping California an office pool they did it twice -- the question is how did they do it for some reason. Ron racist and it's that he wanted to investigate and act that. He's here now the magic. Part of that we all and -- we all know that winning the lottery is a very long shot -- supposedly have a better chance of being struck by lightning. Well lightning struck twice within one year for that group in California who says there really is a method to how they select the numbers. The lottery players including you to take note. These are some very lucky women part of a group of sixteen school workers -- -- a whole lot richer after winning the California lottery. I was just like in shock it's very exciting exciting and an -- -- Look familiar yet they should. Here they are just eleven months ago once again looking very happy after just winning the California lottery. -- may be the lucky his office -- in the country. After winning twelve million dollars back contemporaries on Friday these employees of -- Los Angeles area elementary school. One again another 260000. Dollars. 262743. Dollars to be exact. Lightning strikes twice and lightning struck twice here bending elementary school with a -- employees who participated both times. They have now won each of cool 766000. Dollars their secret. We go we end and I and we say we want -- quick picks and then -- machine picks those but we want those very same quick picks for the next eight drugs. So we're playing the same quick picks. And there may be a fly mathematical advantage of that. They're not alone across the country there -- the lucky few who get there one in ten million chance to win not once but twice sometimes even more than that. This couple won the lottery twice in one day of -- Texas woman packed her bags and moved to Las Vegas after she won the lottery. Four times Richard lustig has won the lottery seven. Yes seven times get to learn what numbers to play and how often play and so -- must fix method of course the exact opposite of these ladies do not. Play quick picks and he says make sure the numbers that you picked. Have never hit before not seeing it -- it act. For the women of the Montebello school district in California especially from Maria -- on Mondays her lottery winnings are -- life changer. She sent her husband -- -- And she could she'd like to find a good doctor. And this -- in California they say they're gonna keep playing because third time's the charm also revealed that they used. Some of the lottery earnings that they got to buy equipment for the school system may work for a putting. A new sound system.

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{"id":15315998,"title":"Workers Win Big Lottery Pool Again","duration":"2:46","description":"Office group claims to have surefire method to how they pick their numbers. ","url":"/GMA/video/workers-win-big-lottery-pool-time-15315998","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}