Working Moms Blast Gwyneth Paltrow

After the movie star suggested having an office job is easier than acting, moms lashed out.
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Transcript for Working Moms Blast Gwyneth Paltrow
So this has been a pretty tough week for Gwyneth paltrow. Announcing her quote, unquote, uncoupling from husband Chris martin, and infuriating working women with her comments about having an office job is easier than acting. Dare I say out of touch with reality a little bit. One of those women is now addressing Gwyneth's take on life with a harsh and sometimes hilarious dose of realism. The comments are getting quite the reaction. One movie a year, by choice. Paltrow thinks a day job has its perks. Actress, lifestyle bloerg and no stranger to controversy is in hot water with her fellow moms. In a new interview with E news, she says, quote, to have a regular job and have a job is not like being on set. It was set up when she discussed her work, seeming to suggest the grass is greener on the every day working mom's side of the fence. According to E news, pal mettrow says the benefit is you do the stuff in the morning and come home in the evening. But it appears a number of working moms disagree. The New York post Mckenzie Dawson wrote this tongue in cheek response, morning are leisurely. And thank god I don't make millions making one movie a year. She is out of touch with reality. Most Americans are not being well-compensated for the work they do and the long hours they put in. Enews says the discussion took place just days before paltrow announced the quote, conscious uncoupling of her 11-year major to Chris martin. While some supported her, most expressed outrage. On Twitter, one posting, dear Gwyneth, please consciously uncouple your mouth. By Friday night, paltrow was back to blogging. Telling her loyal readers, cm and I are in gratitude for the support of so many. We reached out to her reps, they didn't have a response to the specific comments about working moms. She doesn't plan to take new acting jobs by winter. That's five to six months off. That's a little bit more than the average mom. Relaxation time. Being a mom is tough, but most don't get off six months a year. Or make millions. Both are true. Appreciate it. And couple on "Gma,"

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{"id":23117585,"title":"Working Moms Blast Gwyneth Paltrow","duration":"3:00","description":"After the movie star suggested having an office job is easier than acting, moms lashed out.","url":"/GMA/video/working-moms-blast-gwyneth-paltrow-23117585","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}