Super-Fan Teddy Goalsevelt Leads Team USA World Cup Charge

The famed World Cup tournament has created a few viral sensations online.
2:58 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super-Fan Teddy Goalsevelt Leads Team USA World Cup Charge
Now, to "Gma" at the world cup. The excitement building this morning for the big game, U.S. Versus Belgium. A lot is on the line. The winner goes on. The loser goes home. Let's go to ABC's Paula Faris in Salvador, Brazil, with some of the superfans, rooting them on. Good morning, Paula. Reporter: At this point, the players have stepped up their game. And so have these fans. One that drove his winnebago from New York, all the way to Brazil. And look who else showed up, teddy goalsevelt. The U.S. Men's team has taken the world cup by storm. Dempsey, usa. Reporter: But they're not the only ones who are a huge hit in Brazil. Legions of die-hard American fans have traveled far and wide. From a real-life will Ferrell. Usa. Reporter: To a fictional president teddy goalsevelt. If there's anybody you want leading the team, the fans, the country, into battle, in the jungle, it's teddy goalsevelt. And the internet kind of took it and ran with it. Reporter: But none have been more enthusiastic than these six friends. We call them the usa superfans. Go, usa. Reporter: We first met these guys when the U.S. Played Portugal. You think Cristiano Ronaldo is beautiful? He's hot. Reporter: And then, for the U.S. Showdown with Germany, where their costumes made them kind of hard to miss. Show how dedicated you are, you walked about a mile in the rain, just to get here. Well, about like 3.5 kilometers. Reporter: Packing all of your collective costumes. It's tough. Reporter: In your suitcase, had to be a challenge? I think we doubled what we normally bring. I personally checked another bag for my George Washington costume. It was theatrical quality. I couldn't let it wrinkle. There's just as many people out there passionate about usa soccer. We had everybody expressing their passion. Reporter: You're superfans. But I would imagine you're superbroke, too? Costing you a lot of money? I have zero money. I blew it all. Reporter: Totally worth it, right? Totally worth it. Unbelievable experience. Usa. Reporter: And American fans bought more tickets to this world cup than any other country than the host, Brazil. And you can sense this energy. These fans have asked me, where is my fandom? Amy, right here. You wear it well, Paula. And coverage of the big game starts at 3:00 P.M. On our sister network, ESPN. Tweet us a picture of yourself in full-on superfan mode, with the #socialsquare. Maybe you'll see yourself coming up soon.

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{"id":24377786,"title":"Super-Fan Teddy Goalsevelt Leads Team USA World Cup Charge","duration":"2:58","description":"The famed World Cup tournament has created a few viral sensations online.","url":"/GMA/video/world-cup-2014-super-fan-teddy-goalsevelt-leads-24377786","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}