Team USA, Germany Battle for Group Supremacy at the World Cup

The Americans look to either tie or beat the Germans in order to advance to the next stage of the famed soccer tournament.
4:51 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Team USA, Germany Battle for Group Supremacy at the World Cup
We're going to turn to "Gma" at the world cup. We're so envious. A ticket to the next round is on the line. And ABC's Paula Faris, with the very difficult task of reporting again this morning from Brazil. Paula, good morning. Reporter: Hello, there. It's been raining since last night. Almost certainly conditions on the field could affect the ability for fans to get to the stadium. But not these guys. Nothing would dampen the American spirit today. Usa. Usa. Reporter: Overnight, American fans, filling restaurants and bars. Meantime, players taking to the field Wednesday for a final practice before today's big game against Germany, one of the toughest teams in the tournament. The Americans, strinting and stretching in an empty stadium that will soon be filled with 46,000 screaming fans. Jurgen klinsmann, the german-born head coach of the American team, speaking at a press conference Wednesday. We're by no means the underdog here in this tournament. But we know it's the biggest hurdle we have to take, now, with Germany. Reporter: There's five german-americans on the U.S. Team, including Fabian Johnson. Reporter: Team usa, with a gut-wrenching goal on Sunday. As of today, they have to beat or tie Germany to ensure a place in the knockout round. Kyle Beckerman says they're ready. We have to give everything we got and more. Reporter: While fans may have a difficult time getting to the stadium because of torrential downpouring and flooding, it's not dampening their spirits. We went to the official team usa party, at a restaurant. Where will Ferrell dressed head-to-toe in a usa uniform, was waiting in the wings along with teddy. All before surprising a frenzy of unsuspecting soccer fans. I will bite every German player if I have to. Reporter: If the Americans win, or if they tie, they automatically advance. But these guys -- you heard it, robin. They believe that we will win tonight. It is game day. Back to you, robin. All right, Paula. I love everybody in the -- When the bird's on your side. You're good. I'm ready. Ready to go, aren't you, Michael? Alexi lalas is also ready to go. He joins us now from Rio. Give us more of what Paula was saying, the scenario for the party to keep going for team usa. I didn't bring my calculator. There's a bunch of different things that can happen. The U.S. Is in a position tonight, where they can win. They can tie. And they can lose. And they can still go through. I'm not going to give you all the different scenarios. But the reality is, U.S. Coming up against a very, very good Germany team. If they play in the same way they played that second game against Portugal, they'll be fine. This is a team that believes in itself. It finds himself in the third game of the tournament, in the group of death, with scenarios where they can get out of this group. And this is going to be a wonderful day for Jurgen klinsmann, for soccer. But certainly, a day when people are looking at beet of these games. Not just the germany/u.s. Game, but as the Ghana game, as who goes through. And Paula alluded to the weather. What kind of factor can that be? It's raining. It rains in the U.S. And it rains in Germany, too. I don't think either of the teams care. It will probably be wet. But the reality is, the U.S. Has to go into this German game. And as Jurgen klinsmann said, they're not going in for a tie. They're going in to win. They believe they can give Germany game. I believe they can give Germany game. Make no doubt about it. This German team is stacked. This is a German team that wants to beat the U.S. They have wonderful individual talent. And collectively, they're flying right now. Michael, you lived in Germany for 18 years. You can confirm it does rain? It does rain in Germany. Maybe a little harder than it does here. Alexi, we can't let you leave without a salute. Give us a salute. Thank you, sir. Now, it is official. We appreciate it. America. We will not miss today's big match between the U.S. And Germany. You can see it on ESPN, beginning at 11:00 A.M. Eastern.

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{"id":24312655,"title":"Team USA, Germany Battle for Group Supremacy at the World Cup","duration":"4:51","description":"The Americans look to either tie or beat the Germans in order to advance to the next stage of the famed soccer tournament. ","url":"/GMA/video/world-cup-2014-team-usa-germany-battle-group-24312655","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}