Team USA Will Have Jozy Altidore Available in Showdown With Belgium

Star forward is prepared to return to the field to face the next obstacle in team's quest to win the World Cup.
4:11 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Team USA Will Have Jozy Altidore Available in Showdown With Belgium
Now, to the world cup and the big game that's just a few hours away. Team usa versus Belgium in the knockout match. And the Americans are getting a big boost. Paula Faris is in Salvador where the game will be played. Reporter: That's right. Jozy altidore cleared to play. These guys -- -- To play. Just hours from now, it's do or die for team usa in this afternoon's game against Belgium. Star striker jozy altidore is back and ready to play, after suffering a hamstring injury two weeks ago in team usa's opening game of the world cup. He's available. And this is what we want. This is what we hoped for. Just having him with us is huge. Reporter: Getting past Belgium will not be easy. They've only given up one goal in the entire tournament. But the Belgians might not be at full strength without key defenders. Possibly out of today's game due to injury. Yeah. They're a really good team. A lot of quality. They move the ball well. Reporter: And the outcome of the game isn't the only thing team usa is worried about. The Algerian referee assigned to the match, sparking concerns of possible bias. The 2010 games, this goal team usa scored against Algeria, knocked the rouef's country out of the world cup. We wish he continues his refereeing the perfect way he's done so far. Is it a good feeling? No. Reporter: If the U.S. Wins, it will be the third time the Americans have ever advanced to the quarterfinals. So hungry for more. We want to go as far as we possibly can in this competition. Reporter: And if they win that next game, Saturday noon eastern, right here on ABC. We'll all be watching, right? That's right. Reporter: David? She said behave on the backside of that story. You could tell after what happened on the way in. So excited, all of the fans. Alexi lalas joins us from Rio. Good morning. The giant question here in America. Jozy altidore is back. How much will he be used? Is he ready? That's a tough one. When you talk about a hamstring, in soccer or any other sport, you worry about putting a player in and starting him and when he plays at game speed, having it pop again. I wouldn't expect to be jozy altidore starting. Maybe he can play a part later on. He's an important part of this team, especially when he's up there. He provides something different than Clint Dempsey. That hamstring, I worry if you start him. In the meantime, size up Belgium for us. They could be down a couple of key defenders, as well. How tough are they going to be? This is a team that undeniable individual talent. I don't think we've seen the best of them yet. That's a good thing to a certain extent for the U.S. But Tim Howard described them yesterday as this volcano. I hope they don't erupt tonight against the U.S. But the U.S. Should go into this game confident. This is a team that they can beat. This is a team they should feel confident, individually and collectively, coming into this game. So, I'm excited to see how Jurgen klinsmann and the guys go up against this Belgian team. But make no mistake about it. There's some massive talent on this Belgian team. We're ready. Alexi lalas with us. Thanks, as always. Always put this in perspective. Michael, what are you thinking as we head into this? It's a little scary. Anytime a professional athlete has a hamstring injury that's the one thing you cannot Jung. You're not practicing at game speed. The pressure and intensity is not there. It's really something you have to get in the game and do. In soccer, these guys run the entire game. There's no break. There's no way of knowing. You just hope he can go out and not pace himself because that's another thing to try to pace yourself so you don't injure yourself again. The game is played this afternoon. Our sister network, ESPN, has the big game. 3:00 P.M. Eastern. And before that at noon, Argentina against Switzerland.

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{"id":24375994,"title":"Team USA Will Have Jozy Altidore Available in Showdown With Belgium","duration":"4:11","description":"Star forward is prepared to return to the field to face the next obstacle in team's quest to win the World Cup.","url":"/GMA/video/world-cup-2014-team-usa-jozy-altidore-showdown-24375994","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}