Will the World End in 2012?

Many people believe in an ancient Mayan prophecy predicting the world's end.
2:59 | 01/01/12

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Transcript for Will the World End in 2012?
For most people the new year is cause for celebration but for some this year is cause for concern concerned we've only got a year left on the planet. You probably heard those that according to an ancient Mayan prophecy the world will end in late 2012. So we are owned that doctor -- a run -- slightly run -- -- it didn't. I was not. -- ruin your New Year's Day but they're -- -- friends there may not be a New Year's Day 2013. May not happen. Archaeologists in Mexico a half out of tantalizing artifact that -- the year 2012. About discovery is now adding fuel to weapons for some people was already a burning question. With the world and at the end of this year. -- -- -- -- Coming up next year. That is if you believe that kind of thing here's another tantalizing piece of evidence. I'm -- discovered in the ancient Mayan ruins of Kabul Congo that -- the year 2012. That's the exact same year -- on a thirteen hundred year old tablet previously found among the nearby ruins of -- -- Darryl. -- this intriguing inscription. It's basically saying that the DT -- alone -- Decoud appears. On December 21 to 2012. And he descends. And he performs. A ritual. -- just let some people say the signs point to December 21. 2012. Or maybe the 23. As doomsday. In the movie 2012 that fateful day begins with California plunging into the city. And then things really get sandy. We have of course been here before. There was Y two K -- the -- the last century. It. And the California prophet of doom who predicted -- biblical end -- days earlier this year. Almost like throughout they're looking for evidence of a looming apocalypse and I think that also ties into. A lot of uncertainty that exists in our world today the skeptics say the Mayan inscriptions actually say nothing about doomsday. And there's no real prophecy that says statistic that this is going to be the end of the world -- from the Mayan ruins anyways -- can think of a lot of reasons. To -- showed and run away with your family these days -- -- desert island. But this Mayan prophecy is and one of them. -- and musicians. And and of course for every sign that doomsday believers -- skeptics come up with a rational rebuttal and they can point out to -- indisputable fact that all of the previous prognostications of doom. Didn't exactly work out after all we are still here but I -- to -- were really know whether the world ends Sunday in December of twenty -- Is to wait until December 20 so by the way the 21 which some people think is the last day on earth is a Friday -- nothing else we get that we -- Looking on the bright said thank you run -- -- -- to you -- -- -- them.

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{"id":15268553,"title":"Will the World End in 2012?","duration":"2:59","description":"Many people believe in an ancient Mayan prophecy predicting the world's end.","url":"/GMA/video/world-end-2012-15268553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}