New Guinness World Record for Most Cocktails Made in a Minute

New York City bartender Sheldon Wiley set a new world record on "GMA LIVE!"
3:00 | 02/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Guinness World Record for Most Cocktails Made in a Minute
And Sheldon -- is here is a bartender and New York City hi there how are you not see coming right back behind -- -- -- now we are going to break. The record for most. Cocktails made in a wide and one minute in one minute ladies and gentlemen. -- I don't win it's we're -- you can actually show up -- -- right. Do we have a minute on the -- -- -- -- -- -- all -- official and -- did his fellow we could just let us know when we're gonna -- -- -- Not a problem. I just nervous and very quick guideline of -- and beach hotel must be made in the long -- The jury must also each be at eight ounces minimum. -- you can't make more than one -- but each time. And I -- you are wrong bodily Kaufman. The winning candidate accent it's definitive have you can't make it -- -- -- -- half. And you can only start each cartel office of finishing the previous -- the federal commission on the understood yeah you're you're you're all critical offering club. You know these bottles get really sticky and so I learned my lesson the first time working with syrups -- -- slipped -- so. Just a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- Cameron you read it and -- I'm ready for my close -- you -- go further industry and has with its sixty seconds on the clock. You wanna give an account -- -- -- go -- make it official bank here okay begin historical debate is fifteen. Your time stops in five. Full 32. One got to follow. And. -- -- Okay. Let go through them. Half. An 1112 they're important. OK if verify. -- we have eighteen -- here if there are. I hope I -- -- Gripping television. On the Internet. OK so what we think you're right I just I'm I'm so okay this is official and I'm a little nervous and -- McKay show them why didn't you just a sense of the most hotels made in one minutes to get a surrogate debate was fifth -- in. -- a record you have just a chain and AJ why. Well everybody just. Mountain Hollywood and its. Alcohol did very I don't know. And -- -- alcohol only 9 in the morning -- I actually don't I have -- we have a whole -- could do we want to hear from you what record do you wanna see broken we actually. We have places where you. Most hot dogs swallowed stop and Spencer. Most ice blocks destroyed -- body that the into the how do you do not done enough. Actually. Don't know fastest time to -- fifty meters blindfolded. These are all good -- lately more -- a garlic for it. -- -- -- -- -- I don't even know which -- I like better those are also good. Hot dog hot hot hot August I want I smashing -- -- Maybe I can't quite popular -- not by one's body or by a body -- -- -- body because we couldn't afford to. The articles because it is -- are very don't GOP look into the alphabet while belching I mean I rather be yes that could be great -- Great TV especially with mixed with the we want to thank you we actually want -- six -- Chief Justice Sheldon -- and camera.

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{"id":18430494,"title":"New Guinness World Record for Most Cocktails Made in a Minute","duration":"3:00","description":"New York City bartender Sheldon Wiley set a new world record on \"GMA LIVE!\"","url":"/GMA/video/world-record-cocktails-made-minute-18430494","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}