'World's Best Lasagna' Taste Test

John Chandler's lasagna recipe has been number one on the Allrecipes website for 12 years.
4:20 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for 'World's Best Lasagna' Taste Test
And shoutout to my baby girl. Burning up "the heat index," today. One man calls his lasagna the world's best. It turned out to be true. At least according to allrecipes.Com. Melissa rycroft puts that recipe to the test. Take a look. Delicious. Ooey gooey lasagna. What if I told you this was the world's best. We're here at the home of the world's best lasagna. Let's check it out. Hi. I'm melissa. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Come on in. Reporter: John chandler's secret to success was all in the title. He calls his 2001 recipe, world's best lasagna. And the internet ate it up. The tongue and cheek name helped propel it to the top of google searches everywhere. The recipe has been number one on allrecipes.Com since it was posted 12 years ago. It's been rated 5 stars almost 9,000 times. And it's been viewed almost 12 million times in the last 5 years alone. And chandler, the husband and dad to two boys, isn't italian. He's southern. I would refer to be by the grill instead of by the stove. Fresh garlic, along with chopped onions. Then, ground beef and sweet italian sausage. A layer of sauce. Then, a layer of noodles. Now, cheese. And more cheese. My mouth is just salivating. What's the secret that makes the recipe so popular? All of the ingredients are found at the local grocery store or in your pantry. There's no trickery. Watch your hands. Reporter: Let it bake at 375 for 50 minutes. No peeking. It's almost ready. Three, two, one. All that's left to do is taste it. That's a good assignment. Here with his signature dish is john chandler himself. Bringing with him, the world's best lasagna. Good morning, everybody. Good morning. You give the most robust "good morning america" forever. Thank you. I've been practicing for weeks. As you tempt us with your incredible dish, what do you think about your lasagna. I would never leave you out. Sorry. Thank you. What do you think it is, john? What makes it special, it's a simple, easy recipe, that everyone can appreciate. And everyone has in their pantry the things to make this. You don't need special equipment. You don't need a masters in cooking. Go to the grocery store, buy everything and make it. It's important that the edges are nice and crispy. The cheese has the crispy top. It's really good. I love that before it became the world's best lasagna. You were doing there. I did it as a tongue and cheek, when you name something you fill in the title form. John's lasagna. I did it tongue and cheek. I had no idea -- how quickly did it take off? It's been number one on allrecipes.Com since 2001. No way. 40,000 hits since then. It's kind of like -- ladies and gentlemen. The past two weeks since "the washington post" did the research. It's great to know all of these people have had your recipe. I think the thing that's flattering, is people have changed it. They've added red wine or rosemary. It's not just my lasagna. Everyone sharing in it. World's best lasagna. If you want the recipe, go to our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":20469818,"title":"'World's Best Lasagna' Taste Test","duration":"4:20","description":"John Chandler's lasagna recipe has been number one on the Allrecipes website for 12 years.","url":"/GMA/video/worlds-best-lasagna-recipe-taste-test-20469818","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}