Bub, Toothless and Stubby-Legged Kitten, Goes Viral

Owners join "GMA" with cute cat that is bringing joy to Internet users.
3:04 | 08/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bub, Toothless and Stubby-Legged Kitten, Goes Viral
Is finally time to meet up with a -- born the brunt of the letter who is now the toast of the Internet yes she's toothless study lagged extra -- wouldn't. Well she's special that perhaps I -- accused -- in the world her owner calls are happy accident but there with us as you can see this morning -- first -- pollen out about in New York. With -- to make some smiles. Little -- has a Twitter feed web site and even merchandise bearing -- adorable face. She's got 25000. FaceBook friends and almost a million fans have watched this feline trolley I'm used to. So how -- -- -- so tiny and so darn cute. Well Lady Gaga said -- -- baby she was born this way. I couldn't wait to get together and still -- -- the Big Apple. Venus. -- -- And they might not have had -- about. Way you don't want to send waves could not play -- New York edition of CNN's. Every accent true. We're taking you to strawberry field. It looks like somebody would rather have a cat nap after a really long -- Well here -- she and there's Bob very unique looking so sweet and her owner Mike risky. Who saved her she's a rescue -- that's right. She gets -- famous. Well -- just started to -- Williams took pictures ever reference maybe start a blog. Sort of -- Somewhere we'll look up. And then she does it felt like home home. Visit visit the mountain is at the -- tell us what you think it is about that about me I think it's everything she's -- probably the most amazing creature on the planet. The she can put up -- many things she's adorable. And -- know she's different I think people like. Seeing that he had something -- that doesn't look like everything else and she's not. -- -- hat rack she say she does not Brett. No she's well. -- isn't just like with the humans -- -- happens. Yes crazy some breeders -- workers and the cats but was just stayed straight. Stray cat litter and -- has a lot of things rancher. -- specialists looking into. What's what's going on with their -- my vet said -- -- -- we've ever -- -- Weirdest and most lovable person she had six. I know and many other wonderful he would -- CNN -- can't wait to get -- Times Square to Central Park in this outweigh any -- It's been amazing -- any other animal on the planet that would did not take this kind of stimulation and employment and we'll -- -- huge rallying on YouTube announcement on FaceBook page. -- coach. We thank you so much a hybrid that's the -- you can better outlets like Good Morning America dot com -- -- to see more of Bob.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Owners join \"GMA\" with cute cat that is bringing joy to Internet users.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16903906","title":"Bub, Toothless and Stubby-Legged Kitten, Goes Viral","url":"/GMA/video/worlds-cutest-cat-bub-toothless-stubby-legged-kitten-16903906"}