New Mom Admits She Resents Post-Pregnancy Body

In a column on Yahoo, first-time mom Alexis Rodrigues candidly wrote about her struggle to feel comfortable in her skin after giving birth.
3:35 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for New Mom Admits She Resents Post-Pregnancy Body
Leading off our "Gma heat index," one mother's remarkably candid comments about her post-baby body admitting she resents what pregnancy has done to her looks. Did this in a column she wrote on Yahoo! Striking a chord with women and ABC's bianna golodryga has the story. Reporter: Celebrity moms like Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr seem to get their post-baby bodies back in no time flat. Even the duchess of Cambridge was caught with flat abs soon after her baby was born. Now this is creating controversy. I have so many friends who are new moms as well and say they felt great and ask me how I felt and I would say, I feel a little gross. Reporter: In a column on Yahoo! Beauty called beauty after baby, the honest truth first time mom Alexis writes "I'm madly in love with my son and feel blessed that I was able to have a child and he is healthy but I have to admit that I resent what pregnancy has done to my body. We're so blessed to have healthy babies but on the flip side you lose the femininity that you once had. This was not about superficial looks. It was really truly about how I felt and about my confidence and getting that back. Reporter: The response to her article mixed. Some readers calling her vain, others praising her honesty writing it's everything that I'm going through that I can't say. I know you were saying there are a lot of clothes here that you used to be able to fit in and now you can't now. Pretty much I don't fit into anything up to here. You shouldn't be ashamed to want to feel the way that you used to feel. I'll say it. It would be nice to have your son growing up saying, sorry, guys, I have a hot mom. Nothing I can do about it. There's nothing wrong with feeling this way after giving birth. Every single woman goes through it. I'm going to hand you over to mommy. Mwah. One thing Rodriguez wants to make clear, she doesn't regret a thing. Have there ever been moments when you looked at a stretch mark you're bitter towards him? No, no, no. I don't regret it for a moment. I would do it all over again. There are definitely badges of honor. I just want them to go away eventually. I say, amen. Breech, sister. I told her the first thing I said, where were you two years ago after I had Jake. I felt the exact same way and, you know, we're so blessed as you know to have healthy babies. So many women try to have babies and can't conceive. Once you have them your body starts doing things you never thought possible. And your emotions. Emotion, Imam sorry, undergarment companies could do a little better with regard to sexy things you can put on after you have a baby and first thing I was worried about having a healthy baby, I have to go to work in two months, I have to go on air. Your hair starts falling out. Mother nature works in many ways. There's one thing we can do, you guys both look great. Yes, yes. We can say our sons are going to say they have hot moms, right? All moms are hot. All moms are hot for what they do and, you know -- I just look at you two. I knew you all when you were -- I know. Just beautiful what you're sharing. They say it takes nine months to carry a baby and it'll take that long to finally get back to your post-pregnancy body. So I still have six months. You look fantastic. You look great, both of you.

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{"id":24502261,"title":"New Mom Admits She Resents Post-Pregnancy Body","duration":"3:35","description":"In a column on Yahoo, first-time mom Alexis Rodrigues candidly wrote about her struggle to feel comfortable in her skin after giving birth.","url":"/GMA/video/yahoo-columnist-mom-alex-rodrigues-admits-resents-post-24502261","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}