Lara vs. Her Mom: $10 Yard Sale Challenge

Mother and daughter faceoff in a yard sale competition that spans across six states.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for Lara vs. Her Mom: $10 Yard Sale Challenge
Thank you. As the "gma" team and some of you may know, I have a slight passion, obsession, for redecoratiing vintage fines. I wrote a book "i brake for yard sales." When I heard of a yard sale in six states along route 127, i had to brake. It's known as the mother of all yard sales. So, who better to bring along for the hunt, than my own mom, who taught me everything I know. Here I am. At a dream come true. A sanctioned shopping trip. Reporter: We are a mother/daughter bargain-hunting team. To find out how much of the world's longest yard sale we can conquer in one day. 690 miles of yard sale heaven. Honey, watch and learn. Reporter: Tackling sales this large requires being in top physical condition. This is like the olympics for us. We should probably stretch out and limber up. Which stretch is that? That is getting the cash out of the pocketbook. Pick it up. Set it down. Get in the pocketbook. Bend the knees. Reporter: For the past 25 years, running as far north as michigan and stretching south, over five other states, the world's longest yard sale, also known as the corridor 127 sale, has encouraged folks to get off the major highways and instead, meander along the country's scenic back roads. All in the name of a good-bye. Are you looking for a giant spoon? No. Reporter: Well, you're open-minded. Hope you find the giant plate. Reporter: My mom, who taught me the art of saling, starting at the age of 2 years old, can't wait to show me the time-tested tips. Rule number one, the early bird catches the worm. Reporter: Hitting the sales early, gets you the largest selection of merchandise. Which we notice right away, on our first stop, north of chattanooga, tennessee. These would make a great gift. I love that for flowers. Who comes? Everybody. We saw a couple of massachusetts. A tip, always go to the further point and work your way back. And you can see in this case, it's working. Now, we're going back. And all of the traffic is coming down this way. So, listen to mother. Reporter: Always. Or else. So, we continued south, through northwest georgia. Now, this tip, always negotiate. Part of the hunt. Reporter: Watch and learn as my mom zeros in on this $30 Would you take $15? 25. 20. Sold. Reporter: The master of work, people. Of course, not everything goes quite as smoothly. I don't know where my mother is. Where's my mom? Have you seen my mom? And there's another unexpected challenge. Mom, stay away from the christmas stuff. I love christmas. Reporter: But it's august. You have about 700 of those. I know. 701 is not bad. Reporter: Mom, no. No. Yes. Reporter: No. I need him. Reporter: No. I love you. Okay. Probably going to have a miserable christmas. Reporter: I love christmas, too. Yeah. Reporter: But this is out of control. Late afternoon, we arrive in gadson, alabama. You're spending your honeymoon at the world's longest yard sale? Yeah. Reporter: That's so romantic. It's the last town on the sale route. And the perfect place to crown the mother/daughter champ. Whoever finds an item for $10 or less, worth the most, is the ultimate yard saler. Okay. I accept that challenge. Reporter: Good luck. I don't need it. Reporter: She's going that way. I'm going this way. We've got work to do. Reporter: I'm looking for something that has either a maker's mark on it or looks old. I'm looking at these old coins. That's not something lara would think about. There's a wedgewood plate. Don't tell her I only played $5. This is the winner. Reporter: Here's why I think this is a winner. It has a marking on it. It's regal. What do you want for this little pot? It has a little bit of a glaze chip. 2. Reporter:2? 2? I can't even negotiate. I have $3 left. Mom, bring it. I am so the winner. I blew her out of the water. I spent $5. And I gave myself a present for doing such a good job. Reporter: Whoever wins, together we made it through three states, found some great treasures. Most importantly, we're reminded of what really matters. Favorite memory? Being together. Reporter: And that's the true treasure. Yes. That's the treasure of the day. But let's admit we're very competitive. Let's get to it. "Hard-core pawn" one of the biggest shows on tv. Ashley broed is here. Tell us how we did? You bought the planter for $5. Actually worth $20. You bought the vase for $2, it's worth $10. And you bought the pitcher for $5. It's worth $25. And $5 for a plate, worth $75. Caroline is the winner.

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{"id":17009719,"title":"Lara vs. Her Mom: $10 Yard Sale Challenge","duration":"3:00","description":"Mother and daughter faceoff in a yard sale competition that spans across six states.","url":"/GMA/video/yard-sale-tips-lara-spencer-mom-10-yard-17009719","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}