Bethenny Frankel's 'Skinnygirl' Tips

Reality star, author of "A Place of Yes," shares delicious ideas to stay thin.
5:57 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Bethenny Frankel's 'Skinnygirl' Tips
And few people have had -- has many life changing events take place on TV. As my friend Bethany Frankel the reality stars got married she's had a baby she's turned her company into. A multi million dollar success an all. Right in front of the cameras. -- New York Times best seller place -- yes ten rules for getting what you want out of life now in paperback tells us how she made her dreams come true. And she's joining us now to share some of those secrets -- If Brandon in the strips -- we are -- and Eagles. And from my friend Josh. -- Congratulations. On every -- -- needs of moving to New York -- -- -- -- Larry that we we knew each other weigh about one absolutely and down. And it's been a fun journey as to watch you grow and get married and have the baby since we last -- -- on the cover of Forbes magazine. -- business mogul saying how do you do it all -- The BB and the books and the business what is your -- try your secret. I try and get a good night's sleep it doesn't usually happen but I work at home and I stay at home -- this morning I was getting ready. For the -- make a fine and I was watching a Little Mermaid. On the the computer with with -- I kind of try to multitask and it really doesn't work I know that you have said that you are able to do you were. Run your company this this very large company now from home as an almost stay home mom. Is that's something that -- -- that working moms can they can use some of your tricks and rules actually one of the rules of my book is to act on it to go for it never seen anyone. He's smarter -- -- I just came out with skinny girl daily which is a -- and a weight management products. For men and women so they can take it every day of the year I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions I think that you can kind of balance your life all the time I mean I know that right now the time Ross was to meet I start it's a -- -- nice fresh start every day's a fresh start and every day is a chance -- to be. A better mother and to balance a -- and to get a good night's sleep and I just feel like people are too extreme. And tomorrow I'm gonna be good and let yourself. Development relax -- about -- -- really tried to break it down in your book. -- have yes with with ten rules. And and one of the rules is also separate from the pack which we've watched you -- from your days as one of the housewives on. Tell us about that about separating -- -- from the pack is. Having your own identity knowing what you stand for -- whether it's you know we we talk about -- a lot whether it's having your own. Business idea elegant cocktail -- incision ever get done you have to do something that's separate yourself from the pack. Or whether it you know I came on the skin -- face and body line because I thought that it was crazy that when we're spending hundreds of dollars on creams. And that he can you do you could send five dollars on the lip gloss and that they'll look just as good. Com I feel like he does have to come up their own ideas and like I said don't assume anyone Smart -- you you really made have a business in your own home -- -- have. I have meet my husband my assistant and we -- this physicist -- Nazi empire -- not that the -- and I got lucky and Brandon pretty good -- -- -- yes. -- -- this ahead filer and. When Leon we were just looking at video view I'm on housewives which seems just like another lifetime to me. -- US one of the New York housewives and now you you've got here you've launched into your own shows a better experience for you to have your own journey for its. I'm thankful to the house -- them very thankful to Bravo I wouldn't be here but that experience I'm happy now that it represents my family and I can show moms. How to do it all had to come from please and yes doesn't mean analyst and a good mood by any stretch of the imagination doesn't mean it's easy for anybody can do it as I can do it anybody can do I was broke. It's now not too long ago and it really anything can happen on his -- you have your head on straight and you go for it I love in your book your very candid about the fact that you are not always you know about this mystical place that you know is the power of positive things. An update not I don't see any but it's not like -- just thinking it and it will happen if you don't work your you know -- -- the and you can get it and you just have to believe in yourself. In one way working Unita what office he's healthy now so -- -- of the kitchen nothing's gonna show us to ever really easy recipes. You want me to go this -- about thank you Ponzi -- action. Right here we are you're gonna show -- couple things when we start OK this is Asian chicken salad at my theory my feeling is and that. It has to be colorful and pretty this looks like -- a spot prices baby spinach but you can use the rubble use what you have in your house this is Napa cabbage use the lettuce. Sugar snap peas shrimp you -- cook yourself or you could buy them. -- look at all the color -- and look on the antioxidants and -- these terrorists delivered on the -- again use -- -- your house if you had cash used. -- you have this is -- skinny girl dish my book which is about using what you had how many books now. Three -- skinny dipping is coming out now of course fiction of course at a gas here is and Asian mustard vinaigrette. Drizzle -- -- you can put mango. It's really easy ingredients in -- and that's just literally just whisking right -- vinegar sesame soy L yes and that Al all. The recipes in the book. -- -- twenty different ways you happy that -- -- -- your house make it look pretty don't just grab a sound out of a plastic container. Making an event and this year you will feel more -- on last because it's vibrant it's healthy this is the pomegranate mainly shares and yes it was a skinny girl Margarita instead of pomegranate -- yeah -- pomegranate pomegranate because that and accidents but I -- you anyway cranberry -- and you're in you're dressing for afternoon were after five years on but it -- -- drink would bring. Because it. It's a nice -- it's healthy for her I love it for myself because the antioxidants. There is no sugar there is no -- a lot of what Gary allergies its banana pomegranate you can use apple -- -- -- gas happy new year happy new year Bethany our friend our girls track and he has tips for staying -- -- -- And recipes for her skinny girl favorites. Paula Good Morning America dot com cognac hill. -- being academy can't wait for the next thing I imagine you -- -- -- her girlfriend it.

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{"id":15286744,"title":"Bethenny Frankel's 'Skinnygirl' Tips","duration":"5:57","description":"Reality star, author of \"A Place of Yes,\" shares delicious ideas to stay thin.","url":"/GMA/video/year-bethenny-frankels-tips-skinny-figure-15286744","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}