Chris Powell: Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight

"Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" host reveals his tips to stay slim.
4:09 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Chris Powell: Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight
Now new year new you know we've seen Chris Powell help overweight people -- miraculous transformation. When extreme make over weight loss edition but now you can bring Chris -- expertise home when you. He's got a new book called choose to lose the seven day carbon cycle solution. I can't believe that you say that currents are your friends it is -- already here. It is welcome to -- It's an ally and and -- and we really should anything good is that the industry is really waking up in science is making up the fact that we need carbohydrates news we. Permanently isn't -- reason our body craves some absolutely I mean really a couple hundred from the broken up into glucose that's that's what our system runs off my brain and muscles everything runs from carbohydrates and so we really do need them we just have to use them wisely that is totally counter intuitive and so much -- That we hear in a student from the bagels the pizza. So how do you do it. The right -- bullets with Smart cards with the with. I'm -- real whole natural foods complex carbohydrates and so you know that's where the whole concept to -- cycling came about. Over thirty years ago in in bodybuilding and fitness they realize how effective it is bad at losing weight fast. But without crashing a thousand can you give us and we people because their cards but -- -- metabolism in the process at least are eating cards again what happens. You hear the horse stories of these people gaining all the way back and more -- so you can reduce your carbohydrates every other day. I think he cards every other day -- and -- using illegal cards Jeannie. But -- for the EU really good whole complex several hundred that I DUI got some great examples of what we. What we talk about when we're talking high hard regardless of Democrats look I got a great brand serial -- here but reaction is little bit of a protein shake shaken up -- Somalia's militant views after the milk and Doug poles of power crunch -- I what do you think of a brand cereal is you know -- bad -- -- like this team would be part of the diet. He had no it's it's it's a smaller carbon -- -- the wolfpack granola you can use up -- one you can use all kinds of different things for a morning breakfast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How about okay. Look at the good guys -- -- -- other great meals here we've got granola with them without mixed up with Greek -- love that money they -- Josh and I kept our daily breakfast but -- low volume and feeling also -- the science scrutiny -- all despite early in the morning it curb your cravings later in the day right so when more more like -- -- dozen chickens those not here are -- being of them. Some peppers -- ground up. Check this out a protein shake. But you take oatmeal -- notes and you blended up and that. And sure enough it makes a really hardy chocolate -- Jake it's amazing and it's and it's it's tasty bits and I really -- it. Yeah of course time. I like it. Yeah I can't believe -- adds I don't drink like O'Neill theater apparently -- -- public reaction to -- -- -- the ground I think there's been a high -- and this really boosts metabolism. -- really get into our fat burning -- get low -- is really you do burn a lot of fat. These days plus -- to coincide with lower calorie is so we're gonna start off once again but the great breakfast we got some fruit some -- some not cottage cheese or some Greek yogurt. Let's get -- and about. Then we couples try that we got and what Mickelson nor in cottage -- is because she's a woman is also there we got an Asian -- -- got some ground Turkey wrap it up and in some lettuce mix of wonderful little crunch for you -- again this. This is greet children and bananas all right Karen that up and she's amazing really -- recipes here really finished -- exercise components yes an exercise plan which is. It's so necessary and any time that we reduce -- hotel which is at WW -- we take into account is that we're running we're gonna lose weight but if you wanna accelerated we exercise and I use something called. A 321 kind of exercised an interval of three minutes of low intensity. Two minutes of modern -- woman of high intensity and want to -- finances proven that when it comes to cardiovascular exercise. Intervals they will always burn more fat and they're not as painful. By the way muscle -- -- new -- pieces that he. Yes I can work visas they have -- income they really great chance and we got them off for everybody recipes exec Jack exercise tips on our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"id":15295899,"title":"Chris Powell: Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight","duration":"4:09","description":"\"Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition\" host reveals his tips to stay slim.","url":"/GMA/video/year-chris-powell-carbs-lose-weight-15295899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}