New Year, New You: 2012's Fitness Trends

Cameron Matheson tries out some of the craziest new fitness trends coming soon.
4:23 | 12/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Year, New You: 2012's Fitness Trends
Our new series new year new year -- holiday pounds. No one wants to face it's especially if it means hours on the treadmill the biggest problem with exercise seems to be -- so many of us find it boring. And painful frankly but wait until you see some of the crazy new fitness trends coming in the new year our special contributor -- not -- try to -- out. -- We've all it did Jim -- -- and -- do a little party over what a workout that does it all on one machine. Imagine catching the wave without ever hitting that. -- It's called the rough -- -- as a surfboard melted three. Involved and the -- surfing. All the benefits. It's the brainchild of this guy 28 year old pro hockey player turned on -- -- work. My whole life and in. Africa. Would have him do work out with a point 300 no I need something to spice it up. Marketing director served on showed me how the -- surfer extremely can't put -- through a rigorous workout. We started paddling just like real surfers -- -- you okay back right before her back it's my -- who. They get all of -- -- it quietly. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just like surfing when Pavel and jump -- to ride -- -- Yourself strengthens your core but it's -- for. Polo. These are called -- guys and these moves simulate one just how about a one legged -- And of course Mike dean hauling around -- there is -- I'm -- event itself shark in the front end that's lovely if you're gonna pick that he would pick. Sharp picks to work out your acts I drank about great which -- about. -- have been just an honest to goodness total body -- Iraq. -- -- Looking for a -- that's a little more then me. Jennifer passed a -- -- manifestation yoga teaches classes in Los Angeles and offer from retreats from around the world. But at equinox and Hawthorne California -- -- was teaching yoga she heard about -- -- class where they were doing karaoke. And you got an idea. Jennifer and DJ GM -- -- out with a room full of yelled yes. The my nephew -- maintenance with greater choice and -- -- accident a very crude disorder I realize you cant take myself seriously so. Why should -- -- be any different so. Yeah karaoke you can't just -- out just how signed on me -- make -- about being letter perfect perfect people are -- people. Unfortunately. For the rest of the class Jennifer has me step out of my comfort zone for a duet. With her. -- -- Not ready to step out of -- comfort zone stepped into this. Alter G anti gravity treadmill to treadmill that -- -- in a bubble and -- area. It allows you to walk or run at a fraction of your body -- -- less pain in your joints for those recovering from injuries. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Darwin thought from evolution fitness in Culver City, California helped put me through my paces. On -- incredible -- And with the new year and resolution sure to come along with that this machine can help him carry out what. With -- thing we can objectively say this is what if you like you would find. If you find out what. So -- the new year I knew you so forget the same old workout.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Cameron Matheson tries out some of the craziest new fitness trends coming soon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15233963","title":"New Year, New You: 2012's Fitness Trends","url":"/GMA/video/year-fitness-trends-15233963"}