6-Year-Old Places $162 Order on Amazon Echo

Megan Neitzel of Dallas said daughter Brooke ordered a dollhouse and 4 pounds of sugar cookies.
3:13 | 01/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 6-Year-Old Places $162 Order on Amazon Echo
They got an unexpected Christmas gift. Not if Santa. Thanks to their adorable 6-year-old daughter, Brooke who asked for treats from the new Amazon echo. A voice-activated device that makes ordering easy and Amazon delivered. They got a $160 doll house and four pounds of cookies that they were not expecting. The pamly is joining us. Please welcome the nieitzel family from Dallas, Texas. Megan, Michael, Brooke. And our older brothers. Are you sure you're not a J. Crew family? This is too perfect. Thank you. What was it like when the delivery showed up. We didn't order this. What was the reaction? Wnchts the items they were, all fingers were pointing to her with the doll house and cookies. We didn't think it was these guys. Not you guys? You knew you were off the hook. This time, it's not us. Okay, miss Brooke, so, what did you tell Alexa? I told Alexa to order me a doll house and some cookies. You did? What made you -- you just wanted that doll house and some cookies and you decided to just ask Alexa? Yes. That makes sense like that. Okay, dad, Michael, when you heard about this -- I was a little bit surprised. But then, we approached Brooke about it. She fessed up. We got it, we said, okay, we started eating the okies, of course. Tried to figure out what to do with the doll house. You started whispering to one another because you didn't want Brooke or the kids to overhear. I said we need to say Alexa quietly. No one else order anything until we see what's going on. What have you done so this doesn't happen again? And your advice to other families? I put the parental controls on. There's a special is code which hopefully they won't figure out what sit that you have to say before you order. Don't you have any pets do you? Many, many pets. Not the pets' names. No. Thank you. It's what we do here at "Gma." It was very sweet. You could have blown up. Sent it back. And tell everybody what you did as a family and who decided to do what you did with the doll house? We donated it to medical city children's hospital. Isn't that wonderful? And guys, you were in on that. You said this is what we should do? Help other kids? Yes. Yes, ma'am. Oh, yes, ma'am. He is from the south. How about them cowboys? Yes, yes, go, cowboys. Thank you very much. Again. And thank you for the little lesson here and telling parents on what Shea should do so this doesn't happen to them. Thank you for handling it as well as you have. Thank you. Take care. Have a good weekend.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Megan Neitzel of Dallas said daughter Brooke ordered a dollhouse and 4 pounds of sugar cookies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44594752","title":"6-Year-Old Places $162 Order on Amazon Echo","url":"/GMA/video/year-places-162-order-amazon-echo-44594752"}