The Year of the Zombie

Cameron Mathison examines the nation's obsession with the undead.
4:15 | 10/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Year of the Zombie
-- -- -- Here so the help of AMC's hugely popular TV show the walking dead I. Found out -- the zombies just refuse to die here. There the character. -- love to fifteen years the creatures and make us -- But we just can't seem to get enough. Horror movie Jonah credibly and here people who just always enjoyed being scared. In the 1930s. There was actually. More recent -- Spreading it became household me. Move over for all of the new millennium has ushered in a new -- love affair this time -- itself. AMC's hot new show walking dead somebody's terrorized what's left of the human race in a post apocalyptic world. He afraid. Be very. Afraid zombies have become. You know -- a strained right it is hugely commercial. Thank you just can't stop but they just people coming and coming commented -- -- The zombie. Those same creepy things you get their way -- faith -- Michael Jackson's thriller are everywhere -- the loans -- commercial. Even protesters -- Wall Street have been getting in on the salvia. The walking dead cast would like take credit for some of the -- Talking about welcome that is definitely leading -- -- being. More and we'll lens that. I got to take -- sure of the walking dead set. Some sort of of the adolescent so why haven't I imagine and I fell down my sinuses. Can take it now. It was. May members. And let me tell you walking dead zombies are -- the -- -- makeup they were takes three hours to fly and this is a mideast all. That's not your place. Sensitive to contact -- is -- pretty creepy but there's more than make up involvement becoming a real zombie says -- -- expert and walking dead producer. Greg -- -- a stay away from the thriller stuff as much as everybody loves. The idea of dancing zombies. We don't. -- -- Only -- -- -- -- they do it. That's exactly what everybody. Hard -- to make them scared yeah right so we try to tend to. Avoid people breaking into its members. Norm mostly -- McGregor -- help Obama Biden walking dead -- to master the. -- right here you don't let it. That guy Q where it adds normally a copy of popular -- -- -- let it does that. -- -- -- -- -- -- An -- -- even -- a little after few tricks I was ready to get -- wardrobe that chemistry -- Yeah. I don't know what control. Who else could come in -- this Halloween. Yes. Very very scary in -- you don't have -- professional make up artist to help ya and you wanna address that subject tonight. Here's some great like our told me that you can -- you can get some tissue Paper with some latex that you buy. Adding up costs and store it on to face -- -- -- -- off -- what's most steely spin you can also read -- bout with the dark blue delegates. That's why don't you train. Nikki if you don't have argued some context if you look at the life out of -- guys as well with the costumes and -- -- -- Story with -- -- this guy probably got attacked from this -- on Assad to really figure out. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":14849402,"title":"The Year of the Zombie","duration":"4:15","description":"Cameron Mathison examines the nation's obsession with the undead.","url":"/GMA/video/year-zombie-14849402","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}