New Year's Brunch With Gail Simmons

The "Top Chef" judge kicks off the new year with a breakfast tart.
3:23 | 01/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Year's Brunch With Gail Simmons
A fabulous New Year's broad spread and Gail Simmons food and -- special projects director. And a judge on what I my favorite shows top -- if you didn't pick up the new year and we're starting off with what is this breakfast it's part yes well we're actually -- but we're on the need a little bit of Harley Pasternak -- appetite and that's going to be worth that. You know the most important thing I think about New -- if you want to create a front that's easy so you're not spending a -- He wanted to be final football you know something delicious -- make -- special and complement where they -- -- right. So I have a great starter for the near it's actually a breakfast pizza. I'm thrilled to be partnering with Pepperidge -- topic comes -- this really is an ingredient. I keep in my freezer all -- -- you can get in the frozen section of historic and it's so he can use and then you have instant pizza -- -- -- the air. So breakfast -- -- gonna start with a sheet that I left side. -- -- make a few little pricks in and I scored it all around the edges -- to make it -- trust that I have been shredded its paid out. Some sour payments and cheddar cheese and this'll be clear that the savory base. Of the cleats. And I'm just gonna mix it all up and -- in the -- read it on to my pizza itself. Those dairy diet low in a completely I promise it's easy and it's delicious and Dan is a huge pizza fans get -- I didn't do about it this users -- and that's exactly you yet this episode one and -- back face first I'm gonna spread it right on you know evenly spread it over the chiefs expressed. He put this in the -- fifteen minutes at 400 degrees and it comes out looking like -- is beautiful and now let's. That's great doesn't it now -- don't help out her first wrinkles some of the sausage. When you sprinkle it I'm in the meantime in a crack eggs in the corners to leave the corners open. Except for people at home conveys any type of meat substitute that it -- -- absolutely uneven acting in -- if you don't want to I'm you know this is the great thing about pizza you can make whatever -- -- -- island using sometimes. On uneven -- you can use you know to popular -- -- -- and you can -- -- eggs and parmesan. You know you can the garlic whatever you want. Tonight -- four eggs wanting to each corner and he'll sit because -- this tracks that we just made brilliantly right now. And then -- and -- at the back back in the I've been another 201015. Minutes tell the eggs are set it comes out like best. And sprinkle with some scallions some black pepper to finish this gray -- And then you can just rip off some Democrats against dividend you can you can -- -- -- anyway you want -- break -- to get past sort of you know what I'm not running back and right. This is one of my favorites that it is an easy and at that I could probably I swear. How can I am very very honored -- -- to lose to Hillary is excellent I can adolescents have. I will not judge and brunch is what does it feel good and he's paying attention I have a couple of other put it up to roster weren't how to play. That's over I have to I was -- lives in port and raised pork -- -- -- economy burgers was an pickles and parmesan cheese and fresh tomatoes are also really pay for Bradley want -- -- you read that. Go for -- I have also some raspberry and white chocolate clean hands prize but also -- a puppy she that are delicious and some little suite at the and and lighting -- aren't all the -- and the bloody Mary we should know it is a virgin this is emerging you can put alcohol if you want but. I mean yeah I do love virgin when he married it isn't really -- spicy Max and Craig garnish with -- everywhere thank you so much -- bright -- all went tell everybody at home that you can the government can help you. Period end based on what can take I -- got. Recipes are on our website Good Morning America on Yahoo! --

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{"id":15268462,"title":"New Year's Brunch With Gail Simmons","duration":"3:23","description":"The \"Top Chef\" judge kicks off the new year with a breakfast tart.","url":"/GMA/video/years-brunch-gail-simmons-15268462","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}