New Year's Eve Celebration Preview

ABC News' Rob Marciano and Eva Pilgrim report the latest news on New Year's Eve parties and security.
3:05 | 12/31/16

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Transcript for New Year's Eve Celebration Preview
line in what has been an extra extremely tumultuous year but 2016 is almost over so out to rob who is in times square the focus of the world's attention tonight as we usher in 2017. Hey, rob. Hi, Dan, good morning to you. There it is, the big ball behind me over 2,000 Waterford crystal triangles and 32,000 L.E.D. Lights hoisted up above times square and testing the backwards counting skills of millions of people across America until midnight tonight. Let's take a look at the new year's eve's forecast. Windchills below freezing, seasonable temperatures, maybe a rain shower that will hold off until after midnight. The rest of the country, rain and snow pushes in across the northern tier. Boston, snow after midnight. Be careful if you're driving. Back through New Orleans, as well and some unusual rain across southern California, Hollywood might get showers as well part of the Ryan Seacrest and Jenny show tonight. Dan and Cecilia, back over to you. Don't touch that switch behind you, please, rob. Hands off. As we ring in 2017, security is tight all across the country, here in New York especially ahead of tonight's big celebration in times square. And that is where we also find ABC's Eva pilgrim. Eva, good morning to you. Good morning, Cecilia. The countdown is on tonight. This area will be packed full of people. You can see the barriers are up, the stages are set and this year, there will be more security than ever before. This morning, cities all across the world, big and small beefing up patrols. Bomb-sniffing dogs and critical response officers poured into times square overnight, an unprecedented level of security now in place for the 2 million expected to watch the ball drop. Authorities putting up 65 viewer pens from times square to 59th street each holding up to 3,000 people. All will pass through multiple checkpo checkpoint. This is a significant challenge for law enforcement. The type of attack we've seen in Europe, driving a truck into crowd is really hard to stop every one of those. Reporter: 65 sand trucks and 100 blocker vehicles will form a ring of steel from times square to central park. To prevent tragedies like in Berlin and nice. There will be 7,000 extra police officers from highly visible special opponents units to rooftop surveillance teams. Inside the command center, teams will monitor 9,000 video feeds and track license plates. In places like New York, the police are very well prepared for any type of activity. Reporter: In Baltimore and Philadelphia, fences put in place to make sure ringing in the new year is done the safe way. And authorities say there's no direct threat. No specific threat against times square or any new year's celebration in general but doing this to make sure everyone who celebrates is safe. Dan. Eva, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano and Eva Pilgrim report the latest news on New Year's Eve parties and security.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44484776","title":"New Year's Eve Celebration Preview","url":"/GMA/video/years-eve-celebration-preview-44484776"}