New Year's Eve Fashion Tips

Industry insiders offer fashion advice for the biggest party of the year.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Year's Eve Fashion Tips
We all want to look our best for our new year's celebration. Rachel tapped fashion insiders for tips on how to get glam. I sure did. The age-old question, what am i going the wear? The question gets bigger on new year's eve. We took a look at how to produce up what is already in your closet. Ready or not, at the stroke of midnight, the massive ball will drop. To make sewer you don't drop the ball when it comes toing look fabulous, we enlisted the help of fashion experts. Look number one, pump up the little black dress already if your closet. The way to take it up a notch is bring on the bling. Leave home the black purse, the black shoes. Tease are from the real real superaffordable. Reporter: Look number two, fancy pants. Take your black trousers to the next level. We all wear them to work. For new year's switch up the look. Find a great sparkly top. Reporter: Number three. Take cashmere to a new level. Nothing more synonymous with new year's than sequins. Reporter: Greta says go glam. Silver and gold. The gold all over the eye. From lid right up. Reporter: Really? Yes. Fade right up into the crease. Reporter: And for the adventurous, go red. This is the old hollywood glamour look that screams sexy. Reporter: I'm new year's eve ready. Now for the lovely locks. A side braid and curls are in. Put the strand of hair in. The fast beep means you can release. Reporter: Wow. Now let the celebration begin. Happy 2014. Cheers to figuring this out. Cheers to new trends. Reporter: I was fascinated with this. This is for the person afraid of burning their fingertips that wants to curl their hair. You grab a piece, clamp it down, you can hear it close. It beeps because it's baking your hair. And it tells you when to release. That's fun to use. Then, of course, new year's eve, go big or go home. The bling is always in. I'm rocking a statement necklace right here. Very pretty. Go big. The bling with a clutch or shoes or what not. Then you can also turn to accessories for your finger tips. These are hot colors for this new year's eve festivity. And this is squeen use. I have never used them before. Greta showed them to me. If you have man cure or don't have time to go out to -- if you don't have time to paint your nails or get the gel manicure. They're press-on stickers. And guys, there's even bling for the lashes. Oh, wow. I was rocking these in the piece. Kind of, you know, the touch of bling. Are they heavy? A little bit. You know what, it's worth it. Dpl the price of beauty, right? Thank you. Time now for a check of the

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{"id":21367478,"title":"New Year's Eve Fashion Tips","duration":"3:00","description":"Industry insiders offer fashion advice for the biggest party of the year.","url":"/GMA/video/years-eve-fashion-tips-21367478","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}