New Year's Hors D'oeuvres by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

The newest Iron Chef champion shares some recipes to help ring in the new year.
3:14 | 12/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Year's Hors D'oeuvres by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli
Big fan the new Iron Chef. -- -- Alex wanted to show -- thank god she won the next Iron Chef redemption she is entering kitchen stadium actually for the first heated battle Sunday night -- the -- Network. Now however. Here bring us some New Year's appetizers but first. Can we return to the moment like the -- moment the moment of glory take a look at. Next. Iron -- Theology blacked out yeah. I don't remember that an off. -- out of body experience I -- of the haven't watched the whole season it really was about redemption for you they really did make your. I I crawled through the mud I mean really I was just you know. Bloody and torn and tattered climbing up that redemption mountain and you've got to the top. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK let's sell its guidance Sallie has we can that was the yes actually sell look I I don't have any cutting for -- that I need -- to sedar. -- because this is a little bit of shame and anger and honey and Vanilla of and then we're gonna do with that is make -- little reduction in an address and -- oh yes. What is this apple that is at my house and now we have a little apple of vinegar and Nike is -- that Iron Chef like the city including -- you don't look too excited about now it's just got right up in the notes about. I'm tiny little they thought that they that I and that's good -- the dental -- And then and now I just and number Vincent -- -- respect that you just some friends that are tightly wrapped in some vacant so doubles on horseback -- one of the great names of any the downside to getting now. Now that's okay now we're dead we're good and so that's approved wrapped in bacon into into an -- it goes into -- -- it goes like this under the broiler for like fifteen minutes. It's so they get -- speed -- -- -- no one's talking isn't -- that now. -- any when he had and isn't talking it's because they are well -- in the end it's your job just a little and a little. -- crack -- or I'll have you rapidly tightening just but it seems like down on the trait you -- as the -- you can do all this at a time and -- -- evening -- and -- -- And you can -- trial man and a servant and like a superstar -- is all other stuff to some little -- cheese sandwiches -- really -- -- -- Well. Yeah -- -- and a look I don't get -- even talk about the last that are life and yeah. I had -- the men. Yeah. The -- the -- -- critters -- and then again in high firefighters just battered chicken fried the cardinals want to stallion dipping -- -- is incredible isn't good don't thank you sell my car. All right I'm recipes for New Year's on our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! season. Okay. I love -- challenge now. And it.

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{"id":18074601,"title":"New Year's Hors D'oeuvres by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli","duration":"3:14","description":"The newest Iron Chef champion shares some recipes to help ring in the new year.","url":"/GMA/video/years-hors-doeuvres-iron-chef-alex-guarnaschelli-18074601","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}