New York Banker Marries Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Lavish royal ceremony in Stockholm included top European royals, Wall Street bankers.
2:53 | 06/09/13

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Transcript for New York Banker Marries Princess Madeleine of Sweden
Appreciate it. She's princess madeleine of sweden and he's a successful banker in new york city. The two married in a lavish royal ceremony in stockholm. Abc's linsey davis has more. It was a stunning affair. A happy ending for a princess who came to america after breaking off a previous engagement. This is the love of a story of princess who traveled to a faraway land in search of the man of her dreams. It's not a children's book. The princess really did meet her prince charming while nursing her broken heart 4,000 miles in new york city. She married new york finesier christopher o'neill. To be my wife. The groom holding back tears as he gave his youngest daughter and fourth in line to the throne. Among the guests, madeleine's oldest sister. Royals from all over the world and first families of fashion. I think it's really nice of her to find someone she loves and get married. Here at the church of sweden in new york, fellow swedes said they couldn't be happier. THAT'S IN HER EARLY 20s. She was seen as the party princess. But also like prince harry, she's been respected going her own way. She likes that she can blend in in this big city. Reporter: Now this prince of new york, joins other outers who have married into royalty. Like grace kelly and kate middleton. They'll continue to live in the city, where they fell in love. Christopher o'neill has elected to remain a private citizen. I wouldn't be giving up my chance to be a princess. You were rocking the tiara proudly. A girl can dream. It's not too late for me. Of course not. She has a brother. Unmaryland swedish prince. Dan, would you give up your job to be a duke? Yes, very quickly. Duke harris -- it sounds right to me. I also would take a job as a baron. Thanks, linzie. The cancer doctor accused of trying to kill a fellow doctor,

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{"id":19358491,"title":"New York Banker Marries Princess Madeleine of Sweden","duration":"2:53","description":"Lavish royal ceremony in Stockholm included top European royals, Wall Street bankers.","url":"/GMA/video/york-banker-marries-princess-madeleine-sweden-19358491","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}