New York City Mayor Defies Traditional Pizza Norms

Bill de Blasio criticized for eating the often hand-held food with fork and knife.
3:00 | 01/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City Mayor Defies Traditional Pizza Norms
protection. Switching gears to a major crisis enveloping the brand-new mayor of new york city. It involves this scandalous mayor. MAYOR bill de Blasio eating a pizza with a fork and knife. The horror. Shocking and, of course, tradition holds you're supposed to fold your slice in eat and eat it with your hands. People are outraged across the city. Not the way you want to tart your tenure. Pretty ugly way to start your way in office "nosnew york "daily news" is calling it forkgate and offered that harsh criticism, he was eating it like a tourist. Ouch. Everybody especially every new yorker knows there is only one way to eat a slice of pizza. Duh. Like new yorkers. With my hands. Reporter: Tell to that bill de BLASIO. Please. At good fella as pizza at a local of business owners he ate pizza with a fork and a knife. That's up there with former president richard nixon once wearing dress shoes for a shoreline stroll in california. This from jon stewart. Deep dish pizza is not only better than new york pizza, it's not pizza. He sliced into donald trump and sarah palin for using a fork and knife when they sat down for a new york bite during a stop and palin's northeast tour in 2011. Donald trump, why don't you just take that fork and stick it right in new york's eye. Reporter: De blasio is citing his italian heritage to explain his bizarre behavior. In my homeland it is more typical to eat with a fork and knife. Reporter: A long line have done it the right way even former president george w. Bush and he's from texas. With your hands. I do it the new york method. Reporter: The mayor did switch to hand held eating. Then I cross over to the american approach. Reporter: The evidence of the culinary crime remains. Good fellas' owners have framed the fork used to commit the food faux pas that rocked new york city. All right. We were not content to accept his explanation that using a knife and fork is the italian way of eating a slice. We dug deep and discovered there's galataeo, the authoritative italian guide to italian manners and I have it in front of me. It says -- you know which -- you eat with your hand. Eat with your hands. Never the crime that gets you, it's the cover-up. IT'S THE COVER-UP, MAYOR de Blasio. In my homeland of iowa we eat it with a fork and knife. Sara should get the pass, she's from iowa. What was the slam against texas. Listen, I saw eat a taco with a knife and fork and that's bad. I'm from california. That's really bad and -- the keeper of the flame of orthodoxy when it comes to pizza eating. We appreciate it. The proper way to eat. This is the proper way. Let's get over to chris

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bill de Blasio criticized for eating the often hand-held food with fork and knife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21498331","title":"New York City Mayor Defies Traditional Pizza Norms","url":"/GMA/video/york-city-mayor-defies-traditional-pizza-norms-21498331"}