Girl Stuns, Singing Adele in Ad

Meet the 11-year-old who sang "Rolling in the Deep" in a new commercial.
3:12 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Girl Stuns, Singing Adele in Ad
-- dominated the -- says you know on Sunday winning six times. And -- was another performance of and Adele song that is also something in a lot of folks are talking about an eleven year old from a New York school chorus appearing -- -- -- can add. ABC's home affairs has warned the little girl of the boys you have to hear to believe. -- -- -- -- -- For the nearly forty million people watching the grammys Sunday too comfortable performances. One -- -- triumphant return after throat surgery the other this target commercial and yeah. C each having tea and that it featured an immature singer -- he wants him. An eleven year old from Staten Island new York and hello my classmates. -- -- Oh my god my classmate was actually -- teeny. We first met Denise last year when she attended PS 22 middle school where she -- -- those heights as a member of this group came from -- Disneyland. Last year's Academy Awards. -- -- PS twenty lay didn't first thing. -- -- -- -- The performance received more than one. -- -- -- I don't official website he didn't only to the video she is an -- for me and I was like wow. -- and Terry Collins I really felt that it. My -- -- into -- season niece was made for his -- And -- and bringing new enemy -- -- and -- David -- songs is set fire to their name and as it somewhat like -- Rolling in the -- of quarries and while Dell may have walked away who -- Grammy winning. On Sunday -- eleven year old. Phenom walked away -- forty million parks. You say they're saying it they're saying it backhanded soon. He. For Good Morning America -- Harris ABC news ignored.

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{"id":15580496,"title":"Girl Stuns, Singing Adele in Ad","duration":"3:12","description":"Meet the 11-year-old who sang \"Rolling in the Deep\" in a new commercial.","url":"/GMA/video/york-girl-stuns-singing-adele-target-ad-grammys-15580496","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}