N.Y. Governor's Mother Releases Book on Mentors

Matilda Cuomo was inspired to write the book after a talk with her daughter.
0:33 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for N.Y. Governor's Mother Releases Book on Mentors
To -- this next door thought it was fitting to be surrounded by these juniors and seniors from schools. In North Carolina because I was touch when -- Matilda Cuomo gets an -- Asked me to contribute to her book the person who changed my life in the latest -- mrs. Cuomo. Founder of the program mentoring USA asked some people from all walks of life who inspired them. -- fat person that you just saw that's what who inspired me. -- she -- she was actually my mother's teacher -- know your teachers well. She was my mother's teacher in Akron Ohio and she helped my mom to become the first and her family to go to college and you know what. That changed my life. Mrs. Cuomo is not only the former first lady of New York she is a mother of five including New York governor Andrew Cuomo -- Chris formally used to yeah. After Obama that is solid idea of the book was inspired by conversation she had with their daughter Madeleine. Bloody course Matalin his own attorney. And she's the one actually who told needed to -- the book. Yes she was telling me that. Look mom for twelve years you worked so much actively in the government would dad. And you met some -- interest to people so many accomplished people so -- -- -- back to them and then -- -- -- you. Who does the person -- change your life. And I looked at a nice and couldn't that's -- -- hoopla and that's why he wanted to do that that's why we did the book. And in the book we learned that whether they are -- successful doctor. Opera superstar or intrepid reporter they all have mentors who guided them our very own Diane Sawyer calls a caring involved. Some great mentor teaches you that the biggest gift you can be given. The change in yourself. For international singing sensation Gloria step on it was her grandmother Consuelo Garcia. She was always the person until me that no matter what I did it was can end -- singing. Whoopi Goldberg says its director Mike Nichols everybody needs somebody that can turn to and -- is this okay. And Mike's my back. But you don't have to be in the book to know that mentors matter. On a recent visit to GMA movie star Rachel -- -- fondly remembered her high school drama teacher who changed the course of her life. This -- -- Bret thank you so much wherever you are. You are wonder to so many people I know I'm not feeling when -- influenced over the years so thank you so much. Every story they were like a nobody until he became somebody -- grand. But how did they get there from here to there. So it's good thing young people to read this and the stories themselves you know in the book I get into the kids -- high school kids. And they say well back -- happened to me to think and this is a railway -- kind of extend what. What children -- -- learning in the classroom yes because they need an extra person in their lives especially. I say there -- three pillars of support to children. The home the school the community -- when the home is not functioning something's missing -- one of those pillars the child suffers so. It starts with the home of the parents should remain a role -- -- no doubt about it. And then after the Paris -- say the teacher that mentoring is big guy I didn't and if somebody -- never forget. So how do you get that person is sitting at home watching this going. I don't know if I can do that do I have something think you have what can I do if somebody can always do something that's invaluable for another person. This child -- looking up -- And they want that it's like a sponge they -- taking everything you have to offer. And and you can be surprised how much you have to offer even if you just listen to the child you know. And and make them understand that they going the wrong way you the right way. Federal helps talk about how. When you're mentoring someone of course you you're doing it for that person. -- -- -- -- and return is in trouble it is amazing it is just amazing. You know we need to have -- -- we need still to convey the importance to the public at large. About the mentoring and how important it is -- get involved.

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{"id":15750933,"title":"N.Y. Governor's Mother Releases Book on Mentors","duration":"0:33","description":"Matilda Cuomo was inspired to write the book after a talk with her daughter.","url":"/GMA/video/york-governor-cuomos-mother-releases-book-mentors-15750933","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}