New York, New Jersey Await Emergency Gas Shipment

Alex Perez follows the latest on the hurricane relief effort.
3:00 | 11/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York, New Jersey Await Emergency Gas Shipment
President obama paid a surprise visit to fema headquarters stressing the importance of the relief effort. Supplies still scarce, lines long and patience thin. The dire situation's not expected to get much better for a few more days. Abc's alex perez has been following an emergency shipment of gas to the stations. In new jersey with that story. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Even at this hour, take a look behind me, that's a lin of cars waiting for gas. Many of those people have been waiting overnight. That line stretches for several blocks. The good news is, the pain could begin to ease very soon. This morning, some of the much-needed gasoline slowly trick ling in. Fema are coordinating free gasoline across the states. Like this one in freehold, new jersey. I saw the trucks. Reporter: Across the region, there are areas where help hasn't arrived. Near hackensack, new jersey, they're standing in yet another line, hoping to get gas for their generator. People are just -- they're losing their patience. Reporter: The same feelings that many have endured for weeks now. Lining up on foot and in cars for hours on end just to get a gallon of gas. But help is on the way. 22 million gallons of gasoline that the feds promised. After an hour of waiting outside in the cold, tim and melissa are finally about to get some gas. But their journey is not over yet. They still have to make the trek home by foot. After a 20-minute walk, tim and melissa make it home and finally fill their generator, for the first time in six days, they have power, heat and a warm meal. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. Reporter: Tim and melissa say they'll have to continue their routine for standing in line for gasoline until they're able to get the power back on. The owner here at this station, they are completely tapped out.

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{"id":17636146,"title":"New York, New Jersey Await Emergency Gas Shipment","duration":"3:00","description":"Alex Perez follows the latest on the hurricane relief effort.","url":"/GMA/video/york-jersey-await-emergency-gas-shipment-17636146","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}