New York Road Rage Suspect in Custody

The investigation into the frightening attack of an SUV by motorcyclists continues.
2:49 | 10/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Road Rage Suspect in Custody
Ginger, thayou. You'll see you in a couple of minutes. The frightening road rage involving a pack of motorcyclists and a suv in new york. The bigger shock yet this morning, the report of off-duty cops may have been in the motorcycle pack. Why if cops were there they didn't intervene? Reporter: One explain why he didn't intervene. Also investigating whether there were four other off-duty officers on that ride. And one of the prime suspects turned himself in. This morning, police say this man seen here, the first man is in custody. Overnight, 38-year-old reginald chance turned himself into new york police after a week long search for one of the prominent players in this video. The clip now seared in the minds of millions of americans and it shows alexian lien and his family being chased. Minor accident escalated in alexian to cause the motorcycle. They pull him on the street and begin to beat him. The violence only ends thanks to two good samaritans who stepped in to shield lien. One spoke to cnn. The moment I turned around and I was like this, protecting the family, I'm not going to move from here until they go. Reporter: This morning, police say they're still scouring hours and videos taken that day. Police say over 200 911 calls came in about the motorcyclists. Overnight, nypd revealed they're investigating reports that as many as five off-duty cops may have been among the bikers that day. One came forward that he didn't intervene in order to protect his cover. That officer is being investigated by internal affairs. They're asking for assistance from public to identify the following individual. They want to find the people -- person in this photo. Details still unfold zmrg it's moving fast. Linzie, thank you. This morning, the sisters of the woman who was shot and

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{"id":20480553,"title":"New York Road Rage Suspect in Custody","duration":"2:49","description":"The investigation into the frightening attack of an SUV by motorcyclists continues.","url":"/GMA/video/york-road-rage-suspect-custody-20480553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}