Young Man Faced Death, Now Heads to the Basketball Court

Sam Schmid wakes from coma, spends years in rehab after near-death car crash.
2:39 | 05/17/14

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Transcript for Young Man Faced Death, Now Heads to the Basketball Court
Now to a survival story that can only be called miraculous, a young man in a coma for two months with doctors giving up hope that he could ever waking up. Now, two years later, he has a bright future ahead of him and he said everyone can learn from this experience. The dreaded phone call that your son has been in a car accident and then facing the decision of whether to turn off life support because he probably won't make it. But he did. And he's not only surviving but thriving. Watching this 23-year-old playing basketball, you would have no idea that two years ago that doctors didn't expect him to survive. Odds of making it were very slim. Reporter: In October 2011, a horrible five-car pileup in Tucson, Arizona, Sam was among the injured. He was air lifted to a hospital in Phoenix. In a deep coma, two months later, as the staff was about to take him off life support. I said let's get one more mri scan. Reporter: When the scan came back he wasn't brain dead. That night, everything changed. Sam wiggled two fingers on command. It was a miracle. Soon, he was getting around in a wheelchair and even talking. When he started the program, he was working on fundamentals. He was working on walking, swallow. Reporter: And here is Sam today, after two years of grueling physical speech and occupational therapy. Now, he's enrolled in college classes and hoping to be a veterinarian tech, he credits his surgeon and perseverance even against the odds. It's not so much that I was lucky that I had such a remarkable recovery, I worked for this remarkable recovery. Giving it your best shot. And one thing that Sam said in addition to crediting his surgeon, it was perseverance because he worked hard through the whole thing. He's still working hard. Everything he does, from lifting a pencil to talking is a gift now. We're all happy with this story. A look at the national forecast now. Meteorologist Erika martin joining us.

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{"id":23761911,"title":"Young Man Faced Death, Now Heads to the Basketball Court","duration":"2:39","description":"Sam Schmid wakes from coma, spends years in rehab after near-death car crash.","url":"/GMA/video/young-man-faced-death-now-heads-basketball-court-23761911","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}