Young Twin Chefs' Eggnog French Toast

Twin girls show how to transform those leftovers into scrumptious new meals.
4:39 | 12/26/11

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Transcript for Young Twin Chefs' Eggnog French Toast
We might think letting a couple of general clues in the kitchen would cause chaos. And you're mostly right or at bats produce a cavity causing sugar overload but not if those 210 year -- Our twin shafts Autry and -- Andrews these identical twins share a love for food actually that's good for you -- -- you're here today to show us a couple of things that should make -- oddly welcome to Good Morning America. -- is ten -- think yeah it is great to have you here. First of all before we get what you gonna make -- -- -- -- come up with these health conditions. This isn't just some -- and a romantic can't tricks and some parents found they could. And I just think hey if you -- if you can't really. Didn't. What's really good about it. Cool things stand with their -- there really didn't check bank check Tara that's great and I know you said that you -- your parents. They made grown suffered through for you when you were kids that you really grew up eating but a lot of the dishes like we're gonna make today so what are we making today. -- -- And -- French tell OK so you want me just to batter up the bread here for use my hands or should I use. You should you support battalions of. -- that you're the you're the boss remember him about him and I'm not. We can't -- think cut you -- -- -- -- -- company I'd hope so I'd is when he is 21 old enough. Okay and yeah -- -- yes I'd just made it. So. He wanted to put it on here I -- how hot should this be this time Lincoln -- I think okay. And I'll just another one gallon so how how long do what they get a model that smells so you can really -- -- So I want to get -- on -- how long -- you how long should be taken for. -- -- -- -- Can't think Nathan Gordon brown and and -- -- and you know full -- So you guys are usually doing this with with your -- in the kitchen and she's -- she's here grown -- paparazzi. All right -- it. So. Once three minutes have gone by. This is what it should look like yes oops oops okay it's -- now I've taken with some tactic when Atwater and I cut it -- if you watch me cut a Turkey on Thanksgiving that's a bad idea. But I so what's so what should I be here on how to how should be cutting. Pollution just go home and finding -- Coca. Still it looks really good and -- look at his presentation is very important yes finally signed the national. Tanks on -- is that is this doesn't -- a -- -- look at how much I've learned. -- -- that goes on the -- -- -- I wanna see you guys put together a place. Where did you learn how to do this move out I checked fringe Trout who -- -- a lot of help. Finish -- convenient than a minute I don't -- beautiful -- completely different angle -- -- case is securities and that's the Mandarin oranges not yeah. They may June 19 and Mary ambulance chasing -- thanks and have a really makes me that's terrific all right and then whats this I don't recognize that. Chris Arnold. Imprisonment that this panel extensions -- when we have next to go next song to -- and I'm from federal -- that we can pull in they can. But. Is Israeli -- woody -- put on it then we went then they are you aware Obama just going to hold my night tonight and in here and -- -- -- me OK I'm really sorry. Just let me know when I can eat it looks so delicious so where Clinton can't spank. -- -- -- All right can I -- -- they're now. -- well I start taking a bite of that I want you guys to tell me exactly what you have going on here so that is beautiful so yeah I try them. And city means and try it both -- -- may have while he's really -- horrible graphic. Tens. Of all -- -- programs and it -- there thinking to condemn. -- -- clearly an excellent listening to what kind of sent. That is delicious. You can well done I didn't have a real future in this business. You -- saying. And so we have to -- he found her bottom layer and their pound cake. If you -- children then how can it really sent -- all the changes. -- Audrey and -- I can't thank you enough for coming by Good Morning America we guess -- --

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{"id":15234116,"title":"Young Twin Chefs' Eggnog French Toast","duration":"4:39","description":"Twin girls show how to transform those leftovers into scrumptious new meals.","url":"/GMA/video/young-twin-chefs-eggnog-french-toast-15234116","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}