Young Woman Haunted by Sexting Mistake

Teenager's Photobucket account was hacked and racy pictures were made public.
2:24 | 11/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young Woman Haunted by Sexting Mistake
Retail for any teenager thinking about sexting -- racy photos friends on line. A young Miami woman has been haunted by her decision do just that a few years ago and earlier I spoke and -- -- and her parents were gonna say that in just a minute. But first Nightline anchor Terry Moran has more on her story. It started four years ago with the mistake many teenagers make fourteen year old -- Verona took some suggestive pictures for her boyfriend. And shared them with him on a web site called photo bucket. Knowing everything's that Yamon think these pictures and it's -- and a bottle of -- -- -- But that's exactly what happened and she says her photo bucket account was half. And suddenly hundreds of photos of the teenage girl in her underwear bikini. Another revealing outfits were being shared in every corner of the Internet. Today she's one of the most recognizable figures on line against her will if you search -- name on Google. You get 465000. Results and over 53000. Pictures. I know people who still -- pictures. And after nearly everything that's happened -- -- they still say it's -- -- happens -- -- I'm gonna happen to me I don't want this that ever happened than anywhere else. Online and she has been a magnet for criticism. From accusations that she planned for the photos to be public all along to calling her names and in some cases much worse. That they're gonna rape me when they've seen -- because I want him because I ask for it. Offline and his life had turned into a nightmare the photos were passed around her school. And she endured constant attacks from other students. Endorsing Obama to become a porn star and hot lake. -- so just not renewing nine. And -- parents took her out of school and have supported her with love and understanding. At first you look at it and and it's a porn site and -- Now this Harbaugh many apple way and say well some -- have pictures never pictures or anything worsened might seem Victoria's Secret. Still the -- at times dealt with -- turmoil by turning to drugs alcohol trying to run away. She put her parents through and -- deal. In Atlanta hello there are living hanging on by anyone. -- aren't -- And it and -- -- get out. -- And animals were Good Morning America Terry Moran ABC news Miami.

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{"id":14947460,"title":"Young Woman Haunted by Sexting Mistake","duration":"2:24","description":"Teenager's Photobucket account was hacked and racy pictures were made public.","url":"/GMA/video/young-woman-14-haunted-sexting-mistake-hacked-photos-14947460","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}