Young Women Might Benefit From Mammograms

New study reveals that women who don't get checked for breast cancer could be at risk despite age.
1:44 | 09/09/13

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Transcript for Young Women Might Benefit From Mammograms
Thank you, bbianna. To medical news now. Women who do not get mammograms make up a significant portion of breast cancer deaths. This includes younger women who follow the current government guidelines. Dr. Richard besser is here with much more. Let's dive in. What does the study say? It will fuel the controversy. Women diagnosed with breast CANCER IN THE 1990s AND DIED From breast cancer. 609 of those women. 71% had never had a screening mammogram. Half of them were under 50. If those women had been screened earlier, it would have been detected earlier. 2009, a group came out and said, wait until the age of 50. A big uproar about that. This is so confusing. I spoke to the woman that led that panel. She said, this is not going the change anything. If you had screened those women younger, would it have saved their lives? Young women tend to have more aggressive breast cancer. Would the early screening have changed the outcome? How many women do ju have to screen to save one life? What is the downside to screening early? Early screening, you'll detect tumors that would have caused no problem. Put womenly the treatment and biopsies they didn't need. The feeling is it's a personal decision that should be covered by shurinsurance. What is your recommendation? If you're under 50, check your family history, check and see if it's covered. I was 46 when I was diagnosed with an aggressive form. Philadelphia I didn't wait until I was 50.

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{"id":20198392,"title":"Young Women Might Benefit From Mammograms","duration":"1:44","description":"New study reveals that women who don't get checked for breast cancer could be at risk despite age.","url":"/GMA/video/young-women-benefit-mammograms-20198392","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}