YouTube Celebrates International Women's Day with #DearMe

The online video company is asking users to post videos with the advice you'd give to your younger self.
5:02 | 03/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube Celebrates International Women's Day with #DearMe
Amy. Lara, if all of you, all of you could go back in time what wisdom would you share with your kounger self? To celebrate international women's day, youtube is launching a video campaign asking people to respond to that very question, the video filled with youtube stars has more than a million views trending on Facebook and it all starts with the simple words, dear me. ? Dear Lindsey. Dear Lilly. Dear bunny from long, long ago. This is a letter from your much older, better dressed self. The coarse black hair, the yellow skin. Your grades, your body. Falling in love. Dating. Your body. You don't feel like you fit in. Stop trying so hard to be someone you're not. Don't let anybody else try to bring you down or make you second-guess yourself. Just be unique. You are good enough. You always have been. Don't forget to laugh. Even with your braces. Confidence is key. You are unique. You are great. You are -- You are -- Magical! Who doesn't have chills again? We love this video so much that we decided that we would give advice to our younger selves and we have some amazing graphics to accompany that. Karl spent hours and hours making us -- sit there right there with our younger selves so, robin, start. I would say I would look at myself and say dear me, relax. Relax and enjoy each moment more. No need to be in a rush, all goes by so quickly and don't worry so much about what other people think or say about you because what other people say is none of your business and you may not know it now but you are stronger, you are going to weather storms that come your way, Katrina, mom and dad passing, your health and I would just say to myself, you are stronger than you think you are and I would also give myself these words of encouragement I say to myself now. When fear knocks and it will and it still does, when fear knocks let faith answer the door. Wow. George, you have a tough one to follow. You should have seen me. I need to -- I want to see what picture you got first. Let's take a look at George and his younger George. Now, this is -- Wow. You're hugging yourself. That rugby shirt is going to go out of style. First piece -- Dear me. Picking up on the theme you started with. 99% -- I look pretty happy but 99% of the things you're worried about don't matter. Don't stress it. Let it go. Be patient and it's worth the wait. That all goes by so quickly. That's -- I would say dear me -- It's your turn. I would say just dear me, be patient. Stop worrying about tomorrow and what you're trying to get to and live in the moment and be there and appreciate it and actually learn from the experiences. Think all of us as young people starting out in the workplace are so worried about the destination that we're not enjoying the journey. Amazing how much goes by. I would look at that picture and say, please, grow your hair out. You look great. Ginger. I thought -- I'm getting emotional. It's hard to see yourself and so here's mine and I'd say dear me, yeah, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. Everything -- I was worried about so, so much right there. I know I was, college, I think -- my senior year of high school and every day will bring some new challenge and you're going to forget about what's going on right now. You'll forget about the challenges that you have. It seems so huge. It's not and also eat. Eating is good. And you, Amy. I will take a look at my picture and the first thing that comes to mind, picture can pop up. Save the environment, put down the hair spray. First thing I would say to myself -- Funny. So true sadly. I would just say enjoy the ride. Slow down. You don't have to do everything perfectly and quickly and you can make mistakes and enjoy your mistakes because that's the only way you grow and you're going to make a lot of them, honey. So stop beating yourself up. I think that's something -- I was always like this how could I have done that? Why did I do that and I've come to realize there really is no thing -- no such thing as a mistake and I really believe that. Uh-huh. There are no mistakes. There are no regrets, just chances we've taken. That's how you have to look at it. And somebody very wise in my life said perfection is overrated. Yep. A lot more fun to be imperfect? One last one, listen to your mother. Yes. My kids are home. Snow day. Did you hear, aunty robin said listen to your mother. That was a great idea, Amy. Thank you all for participating. I appreciate that and ginger,

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{"id":29408188,"title":"YouTube Celebrates International Women's Day with #DearMe ","duration":"5:02","description":"The online video company is asking users to post videos with the advice you'd give to your younger self. ","url":"/GMA/video/youtube-celebrates-international-womens-day-dearme-29408188","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}