6.5-Year Sentence for Drunken Hit and Run Confessor

Matthew Cordle confessed to killing a man while driving drunk in a YouTube video.
3:36 | 10/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 6.5-Year Sentence for Drunken Hit and Run Confessor
the latest on the young man who confessed online to driving drunk and killing another driver. The video by matthew cordle went viral. He was charged and sentenced to several years in prison. Dan abrams spoke to cordle earlier this morning and joins us now. Good morning, robin. Cordle initially denied any wrongdoing. But surprised his own lawyers with his youtube confession video. He pled guilty. And yesterday, he was in court to learn his sentence. The court has a sentence of 6 1/2 years. Reporter: There was almost no reaction from matthew cordle, after hearing the next six-plus years of his life will be in a prison cell. Perhaps that lack of emotion is because cordle was prepared for what was coming. He effectively turned himself in. And in this candid confession, he vowed to take full responsibility for what he did. ON JUNE 22nd, 2013, I HIT AND Killed vincent canzani. Reporter: The 3 1/2 minute video, which has been viewed over 2.3 million times ends with this takeaway message. I'm begging you, please, don't drink and drive. Reporter: A lesson that cordle learned the hard way. As he begins serving his sentence for aggravated vehicular homicide. Matthew's 6 1/2-year sentence. What was your reaction? My reaction was relief. Just relief that my family will get closure. Hopefully the victim's family will have some measure of closure and begin a healing process and start to move forward. And myself, as well. I can start to move forward, as well. Were you relieved that the judge did not impose the maximum sentence? As I stated in court, there's no fair sentence when it comes to this case because, you know, the loss of someone's life doesn't coordinate to time. When you were making this tape, were you thinking to yourself, I'm going to put this out on youtube and this is going to mean I'm going to serve time? Yes. It was in full knowledge of the possibility I might get the maximum time when I put this on youtube because it know it would be admissible in court. That's why I stated in the video, I was well aware of what I was doing, just so I couldn't go back on it. And you know, just put it out there because that message is more important than what time i serve. You have no regrets about making that tape? No regrets whatsoever. The public nature of this confession cut both ways. On the one hand, he got credit from the court for accepting some responsibility. The max could have been eight years. But on the other hand, with the world watching, the judge had to send a message that this was really serious. So, he couldn't be too lenient, either. He could have gotten eight. He got 6 1/2. There are skeptics on both sides of why he really did this. And the police were on to him even before he released that video. That's right. And so, that's why some people have said, look, this was just a marketing ploy. A fact, trying to get him a lower sentence. I think there's better ways to get a lower sentence. It does bind the judge to some degree. There are many saying the reason he's doing this, when he gets out of prison, he's going to be able to have a career as a spokesperson. Some accepted at its face. Others are more cynical. And a lifetime suspension from driving. That's right. He'll never be able to drive. There's other conditions involved. There's a fine, et cetera, beyond just the prison time. Dan, thanks very much. Thanks, guys.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Matthew Cordle confessed to killing a man while driving drunk in a YouTube video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20666796","title":"6.5-Year Sentence for Drunken Hit and Run Confessor","url":"/GMA/video/youtube-confessor-drunken-hit-run-matthew-cordle-sentanced-20666796"}