YouTube Politics: Making Viral Campaign Videos

Strategies learned from Justin Bieber, "the old spice guy," and Chris Christie.
5:19 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube Politics: Making Viral Campaign Videos
The political season is heating up and so not only will start seeing more political ads and yard TD but also on your computer using YouTube to stand out in the political crowd is vital to any candidate -- -- Ron Iraq and -- is YouTube's politics manager and she's here to tell us how candidates can go viral and importantly how you can use the same tips for your small business six -- Ron thanks for joining -- Thanks victory absolutely say your first tip is to talk like the old spice guy tell us what that means the -- I that I really have created a reputation for him outside looking keynesian -- -- few hours so He was responding to tweak. In the form of personalized videos and you could see candidates -- taking a similar approach where someone Maine and you send him a policy suggestion and He responds in -- YouTube video. Or even years suggests his campaign song. And the candidate could reply with a YouTube video and and just interact with his audience a little bit more. Vary personal engagement. Exactly. Our next even though you work for you to -- you say that we should go way beyond it to spread a message. And exactly so you look at YouTube partners and stars like someone like I -- And what they're doing is they're creating a video on YouTube but they -- using Twitter face that -- -- to spread that message they're going multiplatform. And so YouTube it is is where your hosting your contents and an originally uploading your message but there's so much more that candidates can be doing. Beyond just uploading their media. You don't want to wait just for -- to find it on YouTube you wanted to all of those things to be able to drive people to see -- -- -- That's exactly right and it could be -- -- you know paid advertising and social media. And -- candidates really have a lot of resources at their disposal to make sure that people are are watching their videos and -- frankly applies to job seekers and also to small business owners to be able to to do the same thing to get their videos noticed as well. -- no absolutely beckoned back -- apply. All right so then next thing you say is that we -- follow the beads Justin Bieber. Yes -- they're calling. Chris Christie governor of New Jersey B Justin Bieber of politics. Because many of his views have -- many of -- have millions of views on YouTube and the way of getting these -- is because he's just a straight talker. And and I think that viewers an audience is really respond well to that. This might be why so many GOP hope of the faithful we're trying to get Chris Christie -- And but I think other candidates in the race can really take a cue from Christie. And an engaged and be genuine and really talk back and forth with an audience. In in not such a hand way. And so that candidate can connects it -- really that rocks sharks that. -- I think that if -- genuine. If you and deliver -- straight message without a lot of glitz and glamour and you can still be -- rock -- need to. RA and then you say extreme like willing Kate. So willing Kate -- live stream the royal wedding on YouTube they got millions of hits. And then and we've seen candidates live stream town hall of -- events but -- challenge to candidates is to take a step further -- really. Open up their campaign by using live stream on YouTube so. Suez inside of your campaign bus she was inside of a strategy meeting -- show us bowling in Iowa. You know really show us that is different parts of your campaign that we normally don't see on the news. So it's not just about opening -- up to public events but. Allowing some of the private moments to become public as well. -- Right it's about balancing those kind of and the public's facing appearances and also the pieces that. Viewers don't normally get to see -- -- -- and finally you say it may easy for us to light you. Yes you -- candidates show a different side of their personality before or whether it was. Bill Clinton playing the sax on Arsenio. Or Obama shooting hoops outside the White House. -- kids can use YouTube to show a different side of their personality. One candidate that we see doing this already is is Herman Cain. He has been uploading a lot of videos of himself singing. And for example. One of his most viewed videos -- the video using god bless America. And that has almost 200000 used so really showcasing a different -- your personality can be helpful. IRA and it's all about using YouTube to. Translate the views into votes and again small businesses can do the same by turning the views into customers into cash. Thanks -- and a and you can check out all of the hottest political ads on -- dot com slash politics. And they may inspire ideas for your own videos.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Strategies learned from Justin Bieber, \"the old spice guy,\" and Chris Christie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14828060","title":"YouTube Politics: Making Viral Campaign Videos","url":"/GMA/video/youtube-politics-making-viral-campaign-videos-14828060"}