YouTube Stalking Victim Opens Up

Kristen Pratt discusses her online stalking nightmare for the first time.
4:36 | 01/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube Stalking Victim Opens Up
It's now line is Christian Pratt thank you very much think you're very welcome and under the sentencing was on time how are you -- home. Aaron -- Glad it's almost -- -- feel like it's not over yet it'll never be over I'll have to deal with it that. It's nice have some kind of closure. Changed so much sheets. A little bit cooler and less of -- -- would that lessen the pain sure sure that you know the leash you know where he has and that's their network he had to see you let me hear your thoughts on the sentencing. -- I'm glad for the most I I will always act. But. At -- slow time. Fifteen days probation is really not -- and he's free to do it every lines. With an ankle bracelet but. -- -- his mental history he could. And really just a little towns -- Hollywood like he could play and it planned to find me. And considering I want to go overseas and teaching relation. Travel. I night not get in contact with the -- spread away. We'll let that be able site near -- sell he cast a pretty good window. And I and I know that the the hope is that he won't get the help. Yet he says that he needs. You. Even though you know -- -- right now and just. Admire your strength and composure I know that it's been a very difficult time the whole ordeal and and how sometimes it was tough for you couldn't even. Get out of bed. The fear. Does it ever leave you. Whether you know -- -- -- -- it's always going to be family and have to worry about something like this happening and how's it changed its. There -- times when -- -- for friends text me couple too many times like. They get a couple messages on FaceBook that I'm not comfortable way. Even if it's friendly by anybody else's standards -- Immediately get a lunar -- I get so. Frustrated that I Felix flag percent to used to being so strong winds and interestingly -- yes I would love to be able to trust people -- I am just now being able have fragment that -- -- -- handle. Our daily basis and this understandable again after after all this when when you look back where there. Possibly early signs. That you -- when you over first started communicate online. Honestly. I feel -- lake. No it was so exciting Harrison just as if somebody was trying to. Contact -- -- -- from high school or case. -- -- let's see how you are dealing highlight -- killing he going to college working. Yes and that's what I'm doing and then all of a sudden it got really weird. -- the please how did the police react when he first brought this to their attention eight. Asked me actually when I was slitting my fake because if he can contact -- physically molested at the moment well. They come of -- there was nothing keeping -- you know. -- But fortunately they change their tune and realize that this was something very serious and this is something -- -- that. Unfortunately three million the Justice Department's at three million people can't face up like this what is your advice to someone who's going through this. Keep telling that keep trying to keep pushing keep yelling keep running as at the end there's certainly with the help BM and it might be coincidence like it was a -- Right just keep going and to do everything you can to make sure that if you ever do encounter that person you can protect yourself when you eat. Some defense weapons -- And -- become an advocate I have one myself but. For the most part just an average flu can to protect yourself. Because that's -- big -- and -- -- there's. A support system -- area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To help you if families say it out you know and who flew to lean on them promotional support team because it's him up an emotional. -- -- Let your family and friends. Have been there for you and appreciate you coming forward and sharing just collects all the best interest of -- click on full.

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{"id":15419735,"title":"YouTube Stalking Victim Opens Up","duration":"4:36","description":"Kristen Pratt discusses her online stalking nightmare for the first time.","url":"/GMA/video/youtube-stalking-victim-kristen-pratt-interview-15419735","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}